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IXFI Sets To Disrupt The Banking Industry With Its New Exchange Platform

Over the years, traditional financial institutions like banks have controlled financial transactions locally and internationally. These banks have also been riddled with lots of pitfalls, and users were constantly on the lookout for a better alternative. Today, we have crypto exchanges offering to provide financial services that are more secure, transparent and efficient.

Just recently, IXFI launched its new exchange platform to serve as an alternative to banks. The platform offers fast and secure transactions, provides access to crypto loans and card solutions. According to the founding team, the platform’s mission is to provide a pleasant trading experience for its users.

Overview of the IXFI Crypto Exchange Platform

IXFI platform is a crypto exchange platform that aims to disrupt the banking industry by offering a complete alternative for users. The exchange platform was founded by a group of Romanian, Swiss, and Indian team of dedicated and experienced entrepreneurs. IXFI is offering users access to crypto loans, card solutions, and a pleasant trading experience with no hidden charges/fees.

Users can stake their crypto assets, trade and also participate in non-fungible token barter trade. IXFI is a centralized crypto exchange that currently supports over 500 crypto coins. The platform gives users high flexibility and an option for automated trading utilizing the accurate report and data provided by the company in real-time. With IXFI crypto exchange, traders are allowed to choose between spot trading and crypto swap. The first release allows users to purchase crypto with their credit cards.

According to Cristian Andrei, the CEO and founder of IXFI, “My vision is to create a safe and friendly ecosystem that would facilitate trading even for the less experienced people. IXFI is about giving people a greater choice, independence, and opportunity to participate in the cryptocurrency and investment movement. Our aim is to encourage people to think big and open their minds regarding exchanges by creating features that all of us have been looking for.”

The Exchange Features

The IXFI trading platform is constantly being upgraded to include more features to enable a comfortable trading experience for users. The Mobile version of the exchange will be available in February 2022. Some of the features on the platform include:

Earn Program

The earn program enables crypto traders to stake their coins to earn interest and increase their earnings. Users will enjoy competitive Annual Percentage Yield (APY) rates on their staked coins, including stablecoins. IXFI will use the centralized model whereby traders will earn compound interest on their crypto assets. Before any user can participate in staking, he is required to create an individual interest account or participate in the investment pool.

NFT Barter Exchange

The team is currently working on the integration of an NFT barter trade option that will enable users to trade their non-fungible tokens. This is a feature that is only available on IXFI exchange and differentiates it from other existing exchanges.

No Need For Wallet Addresses

IXFI crypto exchange allows users to send and receive crypto assets without having to master the address of their crypto wallets. However, this feature only works if both parties are registered on the IXFI platform. A sender only needs the recipient’s email or phone number to connect in order to initiate a transaction.  

Playground Environment

The founders of the platform understood that new traders are always afraid of diving right into the market as they do not want to lose their hard-earned money. Therefore, they have created a “playground environment” where newbies can access virtual currencies for free and practice with them to develop their trading skills.


IXFI is undoubtedly an innovative crypto exchange that seeks to not only disrupt the banking industry but also revolutionize crypto trading. With an experienced team behind the project, the future is really bright. You can easily register on the platform to get started. 

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