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IT HAPPENED: NEXT BLOCK Conference in Tel Aviv!

On December 12th, 2018, in Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, a premier blockchain event NEXT BLOCK Conference “From Chaos to Clarity: 2019 Trends” was held by Krypton Events, supported by Krypton Capital and Israeli Ukrainian Alliance.

NEXT BLOCK gathered more than 300 participants from Israel and all around the world – top-tier experts, investors, opinion leaders and promising startups.

David Weild IV (NASDAQ) and Alex Mashinsky (Celsius Network) have delivered meaningful keynote speeches on blockchain and crypto trends of 2019. David has described the latest market turmoil as a positive development that will bring the industry back to the fundamentals.

“I think this significant technology shift in tokenization of securities allows us to make distributions and do a whole range of things more efficiently is here to stay. But “just let it run” doesn’t work. Rules change, and you have to modify the process layer. ”, David said. “2019 is going to be back to basics year. Still, you have to have some prototype or product, and even sales to get financed.”

Alex stated that the market is maturing and we’re being left with the serious companies and investors: “We’re seeing more sellers than buyers and that’s a good development,” he said. “We don’t want those people. They were not here for the long run, they just wanted to make some instant cash.”

At NEXT BLOCK the guests could hear from industry experts and blockchain executives such as Dr. Asher Idan (Startup-Nation), Naeem Aslam (Forbes, ThinkMarkets), Robert Cohen (Benson Oak Ventures and NKB Capital), Motti Peer (Blonde 2.0), Eran Tirer (Ledgertech AG), Eyal Hertzog (Bancor), Ralph Y. Liu (MuleChain) and others.

The conclusion of the fruitful discussions could be stated in following:

  • Fewer scammers,
  • More products, fewer papers,
  • Blockchain consolidation.

In addition, at NEXT BLOCK 5 lucky participants won first blockchain smartphones FINNEY by Sirin Labs with the facilities like built-in cybersecurity suite, crypto wallets, Sirin OS, DApps, and Token Conversion Service.

The highlight of the event was an EXCLUSIVE and STYLISH After-Party – FashionTV Party By NEXT BLOCK. The party rocked in FashionBar Tel Aviv, treating the guests with delicious cocktails and the atmosphere of allure, as well as in-depth networking!

We invite you to join the upcoming NEXT BLOCK Conferences at NEXT-BLOCK.ORG and follow us at Facebook, Telegram, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn to get latest news and promotions.

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