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Is Cryptocurrency the Best Investment for a Postgraduate Student?

Cryptocurrencies have revolutionized the world. Virtual coins that have no tangible form were believed to fail in the financial market. Instead, Bitcoin grew dramatically, making its investors millionaires if not billionaires. 

Students could not stay away from the trends and started investing their money in cryptocurrency as well. Despite all warnings about high risks, it remains the number one investment option among college and university students.

As many as one in five postgraduate students use their loans to fund their Bitcoin or Litecoin investment. It is understandable why undergrads cannot afford to invest in high volumes. Massive amount of assignments due, trying to strike a balance between education and work, if they are employed are only a few factors to mention.

From freshmen to Bachelor or MA, you could have been looking for someone to fulfill your tasks being rather ough for both you and your friends to assist. However, you have always had an opportunity to type in the search a simple request like “write my essay for cheap” and save your day. Yet, at the stage of postgrad, it is time to concentrate on graver concerns such as financial future and investment opportunities.

In this article, we will consider the advantages and disadvantages of investing in cryptocurrencies. We will also mention some of the alternatives. 

Advantages of Cryptocurrency Investment

Students invest in cryptocurrency seeking an easy way to deal with their student debt. Some of them are so much indebted that it may take years to repay these loans. Cryptocurrency is seen as an easy and fast way to earn additional income. Many learners attend specialized courses where they engage in studying the most recent trends in the market. It increases their financial literacy that can be further used in the workplace.

However, despite high volatility on the digital currency market, its price is still six times higher than it was initially. It is wrong to compare it to the all-time top result because it was a peak. 

Yet, the price continues to grow at a steadier pace meaning that student investments grow with it. If we assume that the projections are correct, the bitcoin price can increase even more rapidly, breaking all previous records. Students could not but make use of such a situation to decrease their debt. 

Disadvantages of Cryptocurrency Investment

The law does not prohibit to spend student loan on cryptocurrency investment. Since Bitcoin and Litecoin are recent phenomena, university education boards still have not adopted any policies regulating such expenses. 

Students tend to buy a minimum of the required stuff to spend the remaining amount on such investments. Earning money seems much more interesting to them than getting a degree.

One must beware that such borrowings can result in even higher debt. Students can hardly understand that such investment can turn into a gamble. If they continue to lose, this will only add more to the current debt instead of bringing some extra cash. In this case, such cryptocurrency investment is a losing game. 

What Are the Alternative Options?

Apart from cryptocurrencies, students may consider alternative investment options. They can hardly promise such returns as Bitcoin and Litecoin but are much safer. Such opportunities include:

Peer to Peer Lending

You can collect some leftover cash to pull it together with others and fund someone who does not qualify for a traditional loan. Obviously, the higher the risks, the higher the income.


Forex is also a tricky thing, but at least it is more subjective to financial analysis. If students apply their financial knowledge and skills, they are more likely to get a positive outcome.

Invest in Yourself

This investment has the highest return. If you invest in studying, you will get a competitive advantage, that is your knowledge. In fact, unique skills and abilities immediately increase your income.

Wrapping Up

Given all options, students are yet to decide what they would want to get at the end. If their interest lies in money, they should consider cryptocurrency as a way to get rich. However, it also bears huge risks that should be taken into account. 

If one cares much about the ethical part of spending student loan on cryptocurrency as well as fear losing their savings, the better option would be to consider alternatives. Invest in what you know. If you are passionate about the result, sometimes it can even go beyond the market price.

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