InvestPoint Review – Trade with the Experts

InvestPoint Review – Trade with the Experts

InvestPoint is a great online trading platform with cutting-edge industry technology and educational resources for informed investing.

Who is InvestPoint Best For? 

InvestPoint is an innovative platform that companies and individuals can use to invest in crypto and other assets. It offers multiple investment avenues that traders can choose based on their expertise. Its intuitive and user-friendly web-based platform, desktop, and mobile app are ideal for passive and active investors. However, day and casual traders will still find them helpful due to the robust screening functionalities, advanced analytics, and charting tools. Overall, InvestPoint’s multiple trading platforms make it ideal for all investors and traders.

Top Benefits 

InvestPoint boasts a vast customer base, attracting thousands of daily active users. Here are some of the primary perks of trading or investing on the platform.

Multiple Trading Platforms 

Unlike most brokers with just one or two trading platforms, InvestPoint offers several platforms that traders and investors can select based on their levels of expertise. That ensures greater flexibility and convenience for both beginners and seasoned investors.

Cutting-edge Educational Resources 

InvestPoint boasts extensive and well-structured educational materials to make online trading and investing as smooth as possible. The materials cover a wide range of industry parameters and use a simple language that beginners can easily understand without difficulties. The resources are critical to understanding the market conditions, different investment assets, and other vital insights about online trading.

A Wide Range of Investment Products 

InvestPoint offers a huge investment portfolio that comprises different products, including stocks, ETFs, bonds, mutual funds, forex futures, and options contracts. The platform provides Bitcoin futures and other crypto futures for investors seeking exposure to cryptocurrencies without holding the coins.

InvestPoint Overview 

Like other brokers, InvestPoint also has unique advantages and setbacks that every potential user should understand beforehand to determine whether it is the most suitable option. Here are the main pros and cons.


  • Intuitive web-based, desktop, and mobile app platforms
  • A wide range of investment selections for all types of investors and traders
  • Extensive and in-depth educational resources for smooth investing
  • Customizable trading experience


  • Limited accessibility
  • Platforms under development

Trading Platforms 

InvestPoint has the best interests of different traders and investors. It offers multiple trading platforms that users can select based on their levels of expertise. It provides an intuitive web-based platform, mobile app, and desktop platform. The web, desktop, and mobile platforms have simple and interactive features, ideal for beginners. However, the web platform has robust advanced features recommended for experienced traders.

The platforms are easy to navigate, with innovative features transforming the entire trading experience. They also allow traders to customize the features for personalized experiences. For instance, the web-based platform offers a variety of modules, including account balances, bookmarks, and content streaming, that users can re-arrange to meet their unique interests.

Investment Offerings 

InvestPoint offers a wide range of assets and investments from which to choose. The main offerings include ETFs, crypto, stocks, futures, and options. Investors using the broker can also access mutual funds, bonds, commodities, and foreign exchange. InvestPoint boasts a broader selection of mutual funds, long and short stocks, corporate bonds, municipal bonds, treasury bonds, CDs, Bitcoin futures, and currency pairs.

All three trading platforms allow traders to enter various order types, including stop-limit orders and trailing stops. However, the mobile app does not support conditional and simultaneous multiple orders. The web-based platform has extensive features for accessing all the available investment offerings.


InvestPoint charges no commissions for ETF, forex currency pairs, and equity trading. Besides, the broker has a No Transaction Fee policy for mutual funds, but those outside the program may attract a commission. Account transfers also attract fees that may vary based on the transaction volumes. Other costs can also apply depending on your investments and activities. That is why we recommend that you should always check the fee schedules beforehand to avoid surprises.

The Bottom Line 

InvestPoint is an innovative online trading platform recommended for beginner traders and savvy investors. It offers various investment products, cutting-edge industry technology, educational resources, multiple trading platforms, and a customizable trading experience. However, the venues are still undergoing development, and their accessibility is limited to some countries and regions only. Nevertheless, the decision to invest with the platform or not mainly depends on your investment goals and risk tolerance.

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