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Inuko Finance: Decentralized Blockchain Transactions with Passive Income Opportunities

Discover Inuko Finance, your trusted partner in the dynamic realm of decentralized financial systems. Inuko stands at the forefront of blockchain-powered transactions, providing a cutting-edge payment ecosystem that generates passive income for its investors. Leverage the power of the INUKO-token to enable secure transactions across various establishments.

The strength of Inuko Finance lies in its community as well as the experienced team behind it, which has developed a payment system that rewards the community with transaction-based fees. Our cryptotoken INUKO is securely backed by Stablecoins at the heart of our treasury. In case of a drop below the backing price, our protocol initiates a coin-buyback and coin-burn in order to protect the token’s value.

We aim to elevate the value of our asset by harnessing the transformative potential of Decentralized Finance (DeFi), thus increasing Reflections paid out to our investors. Our ultimate goal lies in establishing a comprehensive, secure, and efficient payment system, setting new standards in financial transactions.

Inuko Finance prides itself on maintaining a balanced control system with an anti-whale mechanism. This ensures that no wallet holds more than 1% of the circulating token supply, and individual transactions are capped at 0.25% of the current supply.

Since its fair-launch on October 4, 2022, INUKO has thrived on a community-centric business model. Our unique transaction-tax-system consists of a 12% tax on every transaction, half of which is being shared among the token holders, while the other half is utilized to enhance liquidity as well as for coin-buybacks and -burns. As a measure of financial security, our DAO treasury supports the backing price of INUKO. If the token’s market price drops significantly, the treasury intervenes to stabilize the price.

With us, you will own Shares that symbolize ownership in the transaction-system, coupled with our LP bonds, supported by inverse bonds, fortifying the liquidity pool, offering premiums to participants and securing the stability of INUKO’s price.

Inuko Finance has transparently showcased its phased development strategy via a publicly accessible Roadmap, emphasizing its commitment to build a decentralized marketplace, a blockchain-based payment system, and an evergrowing community of token holders. The project’s journey so far has been marked by successful milestones including the launch of a DeFi app, website creation, fostering social media communities, completion of a token-audit, and listing on significant platforms like PancakeSwap. Upcoming phases promise the development and implementation of the Inuko Marketplace and a unique Inuko Coin-based payment solution, along with a strategic goal to expand the community to 100,000 token holders.

INUKO stands as a beacon in decentralized blockchain technology, offering more than just passive income opportunities. It forms the sturdy backbone of a DAO, driven solely by its community. Our conscientious implementation of anti-whale safeguards ensures shared ownership and prevents domination by any single entity. Join us at Inuko Finance, a community-centered project committed to the true spirit of decentralization. The token-value is continuously increased through our DeFi-products, which generates an increasing amount of passive income to our investors.

The Roadmap as well as any further information can be accessed on our website.

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