Interview with the CEO of Curate – The fashion discovery platform

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An Interview with Mr. James Hakim the CEO of Curate which is blockchain-based fashion discovery DApp, where you can have access to designs and trends that ride the fashion curve.

Q1: It’s great to have you with us! Please walk us through your unique idea behind this curated model which gives you the best of both fashion and technology?

Ans: Thank you! The idea is quite simple. We’re building a DApp (decentralised app) which rewards users with free BTC and CUR8 for discovering, curating and shopping fashion! We’ve partnered with a number of retailers and brands who have opted in to get increased sales, brand awareness and utilise the curate platform which provides a trustless secure way to shop, review and discover trending styles.

Q2: As a leader, how do you bring together your small off-shore team in the same room, while working? 

Ans: Ha! That’s a good question and one many founders and entrepreneurs must do well! For me it’s simple. It all boils down to knowing my team members inside out, their strengths, weaknesses, personality and what drives them. I believe in leading from example. By being motivational and passionate and encouraging discussion in our team groups we’re able to work across all time zones on curate in a team effort.

Q3: What are some of the facets that make Curate a preference over other online fashion stores?

Ans: Where do you go for inspiration? How many sites so you visit before making a purchase? What if Amazon had a dedicated fashion section for curated trending styles by people like you and I, and what if they paid you to shop from them? Well at the moment they don’t but that’s exactly what Curate is. Our team consists of leading blockchain experts and developers so we’re confident that even if they did, they wouldn’t have anything on Curate.

Q4: As we can see, you have partnered with luxury brands like LV, Gucci and Prada, upto what extent are they a part of your business?

Ans:  We have letters of intent and interest as retail applicants for Curate when we launch end of this year. They will be some of our first brands to fill the platform with content to Curate. There interest confirms and validates our USP and is driving us forward.

Q5: Where do you see ‘Curate’ five years down the line? What provisions do you hold for Curate’s growth?

Ans: 5 years from now our team of 15 will become 150, we’ll have offices in Singapore, Dubai, US, South Africa as well as our current offices in London. Our active monthly members will be at 3.5 million with a total membership of 8 million. We have strong backing from investors and our current IEO will safeguard future growth and provide scalability no matter what the market may bring.

Q6: Sustainability isn’t easy to put up with, especially if you are trying to capture a bigger market sphere! How do you plan to handle the challenges that might come your way throughout this process?

Ans:  All things take time and consideration to grow and develop. We’re not looking to rush the platform and die. We’re looking for strong secure growth with experienced advisors on our panel to advise and lead us throughout this journey.

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