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International Blockchain & Cryptocurrency BCconf 2018 Conference

blockchain and cryptocurrency conference

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Conference 2018 International Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Conference (BCconf) 2018 will take place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, during Nov 13-15, 2018. The conference will summon blockchain industrial leaders and Cryptocurrency experts from across the globe. BCconf is a joint venture between innovative leading universities and blockchain industrial companies where all participants arrive from all around the world. BCconf 2018 has gathered a diverse team of delegates including blockchain technology innovators, corporate blockchain R&D teams, blockchain application startups, governmental lawmakers, financial service providers, consulting firms and companies of the digital economy industrial chain under one umbrella. The principal goal of the conference is to investigate how the blockchain can empower digitalization of the enterprises, and how the traditional firms can become the leader of the digital economy by grasping the opportunities offered by blockchain.

BCconf 2018 presents the latest global development in the blockchain and crypto technology. The highlights of the conference agenda are inclined to the advancement in crypto technology and distributed algorithm, Dapp development, Decentralized network creation, blockchain security, and safety as well as loophole prevention. Moreover, it is to inspect the versatility of blockchain applications and regulatory landscape, embracing medical, financial and payment services, distributed smart power grid system, internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI & ML), supply chain management and tracing, Internet neutrality and IP protection & management, entertainment industry, audio & video, and content sharing, etc.

The conference focus is to create a platform of exchange and collaboration between blockchain developers, consulting technologist and experts, financial investors, innovators and entrepreneurs, governmental agencies and policymakers and leaders of traditional economical enterprises looking for revolutionizing their industry by blockchain technology. This conference endeavours to establish a new ecosystem of technology-driven for blockchain as well as cryptocurrency, and ultimately facilitate the formation of a collaborative platform for all blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Why should attend BCconf 2018?

  • To keep yourself updated with the latest trends and developments in blockchain and cryptocurrency world
  • To meet the entrepreneurs and developers of the hottest and most innovative projects
  • To hear about successful investment strategies and participate in ICOs
  • Networking with the industries smartest practitioners, visionaries and thought leaders
  • To participate in the events and take advantage of shared ideas and insight into new decentralized digital network

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