International Artist Julien Durix to Launch His NFT Collection “Like A Brush”

As you go further into the industry, there is always more to learn about non-fungible tokens and new artists ruling this industry. It seems everyone from 18-year-old Fewocious to 87-year-old Jose Delbo has joined the NFT craze. 

A well-known name that is becoming buzz around town these days is Julien Durix, who is launching his genesis NFT collection called “Like a Brush”. Durix, who is a successful contemporary artist, has made quite a name for himself on the art scene and is currently exhibited in locations such as New York, Paris, Miami and Monaco by some of the most prestigious art galleries. 

But what exactly will this NFT drop include? This article will provide you with everything you need to know about Julien Durix’s NFT collection launch. 

Julien Durix and His Previous Work

In the field of contemporary art, Durix is already a highly rated artist whose pieces have been displayed in some of the most prestigious galleries. Having created over 500 unique pieces, he is now regarded as one of the rising stars of pop art.

But Durix also stands out from other artists today mostly because he pushes his industry’s boundaries.

What is special about Durix’s Nft collection?

Titled “Like A Brush”, the collection will be deployed on the Ethereum blockchain and is expected to drop sometime this month. The NFts are 3D animated paint brushes inspired from Durix’s original sculpture. Every paintbrush has multiple traits which create unique but diverse variations. Moreover, the artist has drawn hundreds of traits inspired from his original art work “Like a Boss”. 

In other words, this collection will introduce a new and unique style to the world of NFTs.

In terms of innovation, the NFT drop of “Like A Brush” also stands out, as the team is introducing a progressive burn mechanism to the collection. There will be three burn windows during which holders will be able to burn their NFTs for original physical art pieces. In addition, holders will be able to redeem physical artworks with a different value at each window, which again, makes this a particularly innovative aspect.

“Like a Brush” additional highlights 

Durix’s NFT collection also features Tony Parker, the greatest French basketball player in the NBA. As part of a charity oriented partnership, 111 NFTs have been created in the image of the former NBA player, and all the proceeds will be donated to his charity “Infinity Care”. 

There’s no doubt that this NFT drop will send heat waves throughout the NFT community and contemporary art world. Essentially, this is the crystallization of the artist’s vision on the two types of art. In Durix’s view, it will be a great example of what can be accomplished when web3 and modern art are combined to create value.

Other benefits for « Like a Brush » holders

NFT holders will indeed receive a large number of benefits. Among these will be access to a virtual gallery run by the community where members can showcase their own creations and NFT collections.  As a result, the community members will be able to promote their artistic creations and collections, resulting in more digital and physical artists.

With this, the collection plans to launch both physical and virtual events, which will be exclusive to NFT members and will take place in the presence of Julien Durix. 


The collection showcases the perfect combination of innovation and creativity, as it truly brings together physical and digital art.

With more and more artists joining the NFT movement, this collection will become an inspiration for those looking to enter web3 and innovate in the space. 

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