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Instant Encrypted Messaging Service Telegram Releases Lite Client for TON

Telegram releases Lite Cient for TON

According to the report, Telegram releases its test client for TON or Telegram Open Network officially. As per matter of fact, Telegram is an instant encrypted messaging service.

The brand new files archive is a distribution of the preliminary version of the blockchain network of TON Lite Client. And, the files are available on the network to download. The files are also the distribution of relevant parts of the blockchain library of TON. The latest development of the version of Lite Client and is a stable version and is simplified.

One of the users of GitHub uploaded the client version on 25th May. As per the user, if the client configures properly, it will connect to the full node for TON testnet. The users can also send some queries to the client too.

TON released programming language, Fift in month’s last week

For the record, Fift is a programming language of TON. The programming language came into release in the last week of this month. The purpose of the programming language is to develop and manage the blockchain of TON’s smart contract. However, the other purpose remains interaction with a virtual machine of TON.

Apart from the client, users can install configuration files as well to develop a smart contract. It connects Lite client to a special server. Thus, users can be able to create smart contracts and various other things. Precisely, users can audit existing status of smart contracts, and can send messages externally to those smart contracts. Users will get the opportunity to for other options such as the deployment of Fift to execute, compile, etc. Also, users can debug existing smart contracts, and file reads locally.

Reportedly, Telegram launches beta testing for the blockchain of TON. The beta test will be a private one. Interestingly, the messaging service launches this test for limited global developers. Concisely, Telegram showed this move in April this year. Some of the limited developers include development teams from Russia.

TON blockchain shows huge transaction speed

While beta testing lacks to provide specific results, some reveal some interesting outcomes. According to anonymous testers, the blockchain of TON demonstrates a huge transaction speed.

The document file refers to the content of the repository from GitHub. Surprisingly, it presents itself on the domain of The domain registers with options of privacy protection. Therefore, the identity of registrar remains unknown in the archive of ICANN.

The developer responsible for creation and contribution for the reposition has a name, Kiku Reise. On the other hand, GitHub profiles reveal the person is from Ukraine. Previously, Kiku contributed to the repository among others. As per matter of fact, the Ukrainian contributed in the window and mobile version of ‘shadowsocks’. Shadowsocks is proxy software.

Moreover, a TON dedicated Telegram channel posts a link to that website. However, there is no confirmation yet for the authenticity of that repository. On the contrary, Kiku Reise tells that the material leaked. He also says that he is not involved with Telegram for any kind of work. Further, he thinks that there is little chance for the material to be faulty. Furthermore, he assures to analyze and find the code.

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