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Indonesia’s Most Trusted Digital Assets Exchange, Tokocrypto Launches White Paper at the Total Kripto Overview (T.K.O) Summit 2021

According to an official release from the trusted crypto exchange, at the recently concluded The Kripto Odyssey (T.K.O) Summit 2021 (“Summit”), Tokocrypto which is Indonesia’s most trusted digital assets exchange launched its white paper for the native utility token of its Tokoverse ecosystem i.e. Toko Token (TKO) with the white paper taking the form of a dossier that contains unparalleled information about the token, its technology, primary objective, and roadmap. The Summit, on the other hand, was designed to impart attendees with in-depth knowledge and understanding of how blockchain and cryptocurrencies work. 

Held on YouTube, the world’s largest streaming platform with an attendance exceeding 15,000 viewers, the Summit, per the press release, is the second edition of the quarterly event organized by the Tokocrypto team. 

Panel 1 Discussions at the T.K.O Summit 2021 

With dozens of industry experts and leaders in attendance, the first panel discussions centered mainly on the role of blockchain technology as an enabler for the imminent fourth industrial revolution. Chaired by experts like Chia Hock Lai of ASEAN Blockchain Consortium, Juan Otero of, and Teguh Kurniawan of Tokocrypto, the panel explained, in detail, the impact of blockchain as an emerging technology capable of disrupting almost every industry. Additionally, focusing on the novel coronavirus pandemic and how it has changed the trajectory of a few industries, these panelists shed expert light on how blockchain can play a key role in the fight against this seemingly unending pandemic. 

In line with the topic of discussion, Teguh Kurniawan the COO (Chief Operating Officer) of Tokocrypto shared his real world experience about how the company through TokoCare had leveraged blockchain to alleviate the Covid-19 situation in its home country, Indonesia. 

With the crypto market facing trust issues currently, by dint of the incessant rugpulls and abandonment of projects that have become synonymous with the decentralized crypto market, the panel discussions highlighted the role of blockchain’s immutable feature in dispelling this mistrust. Proposing the digitalization of trust, the panelists believe blockchain technology can rid the trillion-dollar market of these abnormalities, thus, restoring the confidence and trust of investors. 

Panel 2 Discussions at the T.K.O Summit 

The panel 2 discussions focused mainly on an overview of the crypto space. With industry experts like Darius Sit of QCP Capital, Weso of Beefy Finance, and Irene Umar of Yield Guild Games South Asia, the panelists explored the world of cryptocurrencies and the emerging trends like decentralized finance (DeFi) that are fueling the proliferation of this market. 

Recognizing the problems of DeFi 1.0, the panelists highlighted the impact of DeFi 2.0 and how it will end some of the problems currently faced by the market. Touching on emerging markets like non-fungible tokens (NFTs), the panelists state that rarity, historical significance, origin, and the popularity of creators are the main factors that determine the value of an NFT.

The event held on December 4th, 2021, touched on all facets of the crypto market while also proposing valid ideas that could solve most of the existing sticking points. The launched white paper, per the aforementioned press release, contains, in detail, the specifics of the Tokocrypto’s TKO token as it seeks to bridge the gap between the people of Indonesia and the trillion-dollar crypto market. It also contains information on future TKO-related projects to be undertaken by the Tokocrypto team as it attempts to solidify its stance as an industry leader. 

Before the closure of the TKO Summit 2021, Pang Xue Kai, CEO and co-founder of Tokocrypto reiterated the company’s commitment to providing inclusivity and innovation as part of its plans to support the growing economy. Furthermore, the CEO affirmed that it is the company’s vision to utilize blockchain effectively in all areas of life, in the process promoting decentralization and addressing existing industry problems. 

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