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In the Valley of Gods is put on hold as developers work for Valve

In the Valley of Gods

In the previous month, the fans of Firewatch have begun to get quite antsy regarding the current project of Campo Santo, namely, In the Valley of Gods. The followers who have been keeping tabs on bios on Twitter’s page of Jane Ng, Claire Hummel, and Jake Rodkin have either removed or changed any sort of mention regarding the game. By the looks of it, Jane Ng is a 3D environment artist, the producer of Firewatch, whereas Jake Rodkin and Claire Hummel are co-founder and art director of Campo Santo.

Back in the year 2018, Valve acquired a growing entertainment company, Campo Santo, back in 2018. However, after the acquisition, Valve was quiet about the entire acquisition fiasco. Nevertheless, the suspicions of people began to intensify when Valve announced the making of Half-Life: Alyx. The reports are suggesting that Firewatch team members are currently working on the project.

A few hours ago, Jake Rodkin, the co-founder of the studio, clarified to Polygon that “In the Valley of Gods” has currently been put on hold. The reason why the game was put on hold is that the developers at Campo Santo are busy working with some other things. So far, this also implies that the developers aren’t only busy with Half-Life: Alyx

Will In the Valley of Gods release in 2019?

The fans who are currently looking forward to playing In the Valley of Gods might not be able to play the game in 2019, as mentioned at the end of the trailer. The announcement trailer isn’t going to be accurate, as mentioned before. Rodkin also said that Valve Time has made a complete fool of them. However, developers of the former Campo Santo team did join some of the other projects at Valve, which also includes Half-Life: Alyx.

The experience of the developers at Campo Santo with the first-person adventure game genre is quite relevant. Valve has been accessible since the beginning by providing developers with the creative freedom to curate whatever they want. Furthermore, this allows developers to work on a lot of things in a limited time frame. When Campo Santo integrated with Valve, they immediately understood that there is a lot of valuable work that they need to do with Half-Life: Alyx. 

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The journey of the developers of Campo Santo began with a lending hand at the project and then became a full-time developer of Half-Life: Alyx as the launching date of the game is approaching.

In the Valley of Gods is on hold as developers are busy

Rodkin also revealed that some of the ex-Campos developers are busy working on Dota Underlords, a few are working with Steam, and the list goes on. Hence, the game is put on hold, and people who were developing the game might return to complete the game. The fans need to hold on for some time.

Campo Santo became famous because of the narrative chops. It is true that “might return to” is a little alarming for the fans of the game. But the good news is that the game hasn’t been canceled entirely. The steam page of In the Valley of Gods is still active, and the release date is mentioned as TBD.

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