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IggyBoy NFT is listed on

Hello, fellow NFT enthusiasts. There’s a new project to ponder on, speculate about and invest in; its the IggyBoy NFTs project from Unfortunately, there’s little time to be spent dallying about, because the minting of this collection is almost here, February 20th to be exact. Let’s get started talking about this project 

What does it mean for the IggyBoy NFTs to be listed on is one of the most popular crypto-related websites currently around and their NFT marketplace is on the rise. A combination of their reputation and the expertise that has gone into the IggyBoy NFT collection is indicative of the potential of the project. 

Join 1ATH.Studio whitelist by completing some easy tasks on their official Gleam event: This is the only way to get to the whitelist and the spots are limited.    

Who are the developers of the IggyBoy collection?

The developers of this project, 1ATH studio, are no newbies to the NFT space and they have gone about this project with experience. They have a team of experts with knowledge of multiple crypto aspects connecting the entertainment and NFT industries together.

Even their name is an indicator of the standing they hope to achieve. 1ATH is an acronym for One All Time High representing the vision of being one of the leading brands in the NFT niche.

What does the IggyBoy NFT collection hope to achieve?

The IggyBoy NFT collection is on course to bring a groundbreaking combination of visions into being. The collection is part of a future metaverse, but where things get inventive is in the utilities and benefits that holding one of these unique NFTs provide.

Join 1ATH.Studio whitelist by completing some easy tasks on their official Gleam event: This is the only way to get to the whitelist and the spots are limited.  

What are the benefits of owning an IggyBoy?

For starters, an IggyBoy is a uniquely hand-crafted 3D NFT. It doesn’t involve the use of any sort of auto-generative algorithm and this helps its uniqueness factor. This uniqueness positively impacts the value of an NFT in this collection.

However, direct fiscal value isn’t the only benefit of owning this NFT. One of the other benefits of owning an IggyBoy from is that you get privileges in the metaverse. This studio is aspiring to be a leader in the metaverse and NFT domain to be more specific. In simple terms, you’d have an advantage in the purchase of metaverse properties and in forming potentially fruitful partnerships.

Holders of this NFT who are not particularly interested in joining the road to dominating the metaverse still have benefits to reap. One of these comes in the way of future collections. There are plans underway to release an IggyLady collection. Further down the line, there would be opportunities for holders of an IggyBoy and IggyLady to breed their NFTs together for a free NFT off another collection; the symbiosis NFT. Basically, owning an IggyBoy is an “in” to holding NFTs of two other collections.

Moving forward

There’s still a lot to digest on the project and if you’re interested in bagging yourself a couple of IggyBoys, you would do well to follow the studio on social media platforms. Do so fast, because there are just about 10,000 or so of these NFTs and the time for joining their whitelist is rapidly ticking away. 

Only individuals who manage to take one of 1000 spots on the whitelist will be eligible to buy at a discounted rate on the pre-sale. While the first two stages of whitelisting ended some time ago, the third began on February 1st, the potential buyers just need to complete a few easy tasks on their official Gleam contest and contact their support on Discord: 

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