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IBM partners with Columbia University to launch a Blockchain research center

With the aim of further boosting the usage of blockchain application and education initiatives, technology giant IBM has formed a partnership with Columbia University and together they have launched a new research center.

According to the statement published by IBM, it states that the new research center situated on the Manhattan campus of Columbia University would launch on Tuesday, 17th. It was also revealed that along with teaching other things the main focus of the research center would be to incubate blockchain applications through a combination of technical and academic expertise.

The statement published also revealed that as the research center keeps on developing, a dedicated committee made up of both IBM research scientists as well as Columbia faculty members would start revising proposals for blockchain related, “business ideas, research programs, and curriculum developments.”

Furthermore, the center would not only be providing internship opportunities for students and professionals who wish to improve their technical skills but would also give advise on regulatory issues for blockchain based start-ups.

Commenting on the announcement, John H. Coatsworth, Columbia University provost, went on to say that this partnership would “provide incredibly advance applications and scholarship opportunities,” especially in regards to the use of blockchain for data sharing.

Coatsworth further added:

This partnership with IBM will enable our students and faculty to work together which will, in turn, lead to the vibrant exchange of ideas and research regarding this revolutionary technology.”

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