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How to Turn Off Safe Mode on Tumblr

How to turn off safe mode on tumblr

Tumblr is a very smart and unique social media platform. Tumblr posts small blogs or “tumblelog”. Tumblr’s (major) differentiator has a great feature, that it’s completely free from nature from the site. Users can design their pages in their way. It is a good deal for users or customers. Because if we look for other social pages then we can find that they do have limitations. Other social media has limited space or page along with limited design and tools scope. 

Tumblr is increasing all over the world as it is providing chances for people to express their thoughts fully. Its market value is very high and popular. When you get good resources from a site, then automatically this site would be the most popular and demanding. If we want to find the importance of Tumblr, then we will get lots of importance like- 

1) They can post any content like video, audio, pictures, link, any blog, short post, quote, messages anything to everything (No restriction for the user). 

2) It has a limitless opportunity in character, color, layout. No restriction in color, character.

3) We see other sites, that have so many restrictions like character restriction, layout, and also color restriction.

4) It has a very individual quality for advance mobile and email. In one word it is a rising star. It has 20.3 million users who are using this app.

What is the importance of Tumblr Safe Mode 

Now, here we are trying to discuss the importance of Tumblr Safe mode. It is a uniquely identifiable app that can run both in normal and safe mode. Though it seems to be a challenging factor for a device, it can perform well both in mobile devices and other portable devices. If we want to see in the future of Tumblr, then we can see it would be a good competitor with other’s app. If you follow the underneath points, you can easily understand the value of this social media app. Frankly speaking, it is the most genuine app that has in-built integrity as well as a platform-independent feature. However, let’s know the features that make it unique in the competitive platform.

1) The flexibility of this app is very good concerning others’ app. Moreover, you can develop any kind of business apps with this useful program. 

2) You can update all the basic features under this app very easily. Therefore, you might install the latest version of the app and upgrade the audio and video section on your fingertips. Similarly, this app is very user-friendly to access and it is gladly accepted by most of the people for its innovation.

What are the Top Secrets about Tumblr?

  • Numerous sections play an imperative role to make the process easier to access. Let’s talk about those vital sections that are necessary to make it innovative in a competitive business place.
  • At first, Tumblr is a very smart way of posting any blog on social media with your customization. So you can consider it as a platform with social media blogging where you can update or post multiple things without any restriction. The restriction includes the layout, presentation as well as the character or anything.
  • It provides a good interface where the user can view their data effortlessly due to its device friendly nature. Everyone knows social media site is the most powerful and fast site for enriching to customer. Tumblr is one of the most popular apps where we can compare it with facebook and twitter. So, a user must understand how popular and important it is in the latest trends.
  • In the current generation, you can consider it is a rising star. Tumblr’s growth is very high. It has a million subscribers near about 20.3 million. In a day, it can crosses million page views along with something near about 33 million new content or posts. It has a slight change in demographics concerning facebook and twitter. In facebook and twitter, both have people like males and females use the app but most of the male candidates prefer Tumblr more than any other social media apps.
  • For online marketers, they are very useful because they can post or publish their blogs from Facebook, an RSS feed or Twitter. It could a good deal for users. From facebook to twitter wherever we posted it could be reposted from facebook, twitter to Tumbler. This work is mostly great for WordPress.
  • It also has a quality like advancedness for Email and Mobile publishing. We know in our current scenario, the social media business is one of the best ways for reaching with the countless number of customers. But the problem is that if your content is not valuable or informative then the customer will decrease.
  • It has good flexibility in design for customers. You can design anything. Tumblr has no color, character and layout restriction.which could be a good deal for all users or customers. So you must say it is very much flexible.
  • In the current scenario, the turn off mode off Tumblr is a useful and innovative process. But above 18 years people can use it properly. Below 18 years the user can get only animals and birds pictures (that’s it). It is the only restriction. An adult person can use it in his or her way.

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All you need to know about  Tumblr safe mode

If we see Tumblr it has a very good feature. Now we are discussing how to work with Tumblr step by step. 

Here we are describing all procedures of safe mode in your browser.

  1. At first, open the Tumblr Account.
  2. Second, give your username and password for this Tumblr account.
  3. After finishing your login search for your favorite topics.
  4. Now go to Setting option then Find and Filtering depending upon user’s demand and then tap on this.

How to  disable and turn off Tumblr Safe Mode 

Here we are describing all procedures of turning off Tumblr safe mode in your browser. Follow the steps below and complete the process very carefully. 

1)After logging the site press the icons( or connecting with the user) which are insight the corner in upper of the Dashboard.

Turn off safe mode in Tumblr 2)Now go to the drop-down menu and then press settings.

3)Now go to the path which made filtering along with the button next to the labeled safe search

Disable tumblr safe mode4)Now click the above button for disabling safe search mode.

Turning Off Tumblr safe mode in iOS device

For an Apple user, you need to follow some of the technical guidelines and then, perform the steps by using the process discussed below. Here, we are describing how to turn off safe mode in tumblr.

  1. First, turn on the Home screen of the device. Then, click the settings tools go to a little bit downwards or scroll down.
  2. After that, locate the Tumblr icon and tap on it.
  3. Next, click the Safe Mode underneath the Tumblr Settings.
  4. Here, you can see a list of options is available to drive this app easily. However, you need to go to the General Settings window.
  5. Then if you want to turn the safe mode off click the last option that is “Don’t hide anything”
  6. Now you can easily operate the NSFW content when you click the Tumblr app.

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How to turn off tumblr safe mode in Android device

 Here we are describing all procedures of disabling tumblr safe mode in your browser. Follow the steps and prepare this app for future use. You should remember that your Android phone is compatible with this app and the app is installed with the latest version. Otherwise, your device can’t recognize this app and shows an unexpected error message, “Unsupported File: Error”.

  1. At first, go to the Tumblr app, click the icon of the account and then click the gear-shaped setting button.

Disable tumblr safe mode

2)Secondly, go to general settings and then click filtering.

Turn Off Safe Mode in Tumblr

3) Press the button to turn it off next to safe Mode.


It is a very useful and unique app for users. Tumblr is a social media app where you can post your message, blog( it may be short or long both), SMS, audio, video, song, any kind of link. So it is a platform for everyone who can use it. But one restriction is there that is you have to be above 18 years otherwise under 18 years you can get only cute pictures of animals and birds. It can run in ios and android. But in observation we can see mainly 51% of men are using this. This is the only difference between Tumblr and Facebook. And you can share facebook and twitter from Tumblr. It can be a good deal for the user.

If we observe Tumblr has near about 20.3 million subscribers who are using this app. So it can be a good competitor with other social media platforms. If we check the flexibility, It is a mind-blowing app for a new generation of teenagers others. So without any restriction and hesitation use this app and enjoy sharing your thoughts with others. 

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