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How to Sync PS4 Controller on Your FingerTips

how to sync ps4 controller

PS4 is a gaming device that was invented early on 1988 and its blueprint was given by Sony, it was a joint project between Nintendo and Sony to create a CD ROM for the Super Famicom. On 3rd December 1994 in Japan PlayStation was originally born and it was the first global  PlayStation series of console and hand-obtained game. Later on, many versions of PlayStation was invented. In this article, we are going to discuss how to sync PS4 controller.

  • Playstation1: 

It’s got redemption on July 7, 2000, it was smaller in size with respect to the original version of the PlayStation. It plays a central role in the transition of the industry from 2D graphics games to real-time 3D experience. The features of this version were dual speed CD ROM drive, one core CPU that consists of 2MB RAM along with 1MB video RAM and graphics card. Later on, it adopted the Dualshock controller which was enriched with thumbstick and force feedback technology.

A few notable games in this version were: Resident Evil series, Tekken series, Dead or alive, FIFA, WWE, Silent hill, Metal Gear solid, etc.

  • PS2

PS2 was released in 2004 with a lot of upgradation and relatively smaller in size with respect to its successor version. It was the sixth generation of consoles and competed against heavyweight competitors like Sega Dreamcast, Microsoft’s Xbox, etc. Its feature was the core processor of and it consists of 32MB system RAM and 4MB video RAM with the graphics card.DVD’S were also supported in this version of the console.

A few famous games in this format were: Grand theft auto, Vice city, San Andreas, Jak, and Dexter.

How to sync PS4 controller to a PS4 within the Shortest TimeSpan?

To sync the controller with your computer and that too for the first time, you will need a USB cable, any USB 2.0 is able to establish a connection between the console and dualshock4.

Notwithstanding there are only two USB ports on the computer, still you can sync up to four players per account.

how to sync ps4 controller

In modern age gaming consoles, wireless controllers are the best in the market, but when they stop working without any apparent reason it becomes a big pain. In the case of PlayStation 4’s

Dualshock 4 controller the Bluetooth connectivity between the console and the controller get a break and create issues. Here we are the few easy steps to reestablish the connectivity between the console and the controller.

  • Find a USB cable

When there is no Bluetooth connectivity between the system and the Dualshock controller, you need a USB cable to establish the hardware connectivity between the controller and the system. You will get a USB cable inside the package of a Dualshock Controller or you can use any other USB 2.0 version cable for this purpose.   

  •  Restart the PS4

When you fire up your PS4, due to the USB cable the controller should connect automatically to the PS4 without having any issue. You have to press the PlayStation power button in the middle of the controller to switch on the controller. Once you have done that the PS4 will take you to the login screen to select a player account to go with that controller.

how to sync ps4 controller

Now you are able to say that the controller is functioning because the LED light bar on the peak of the controller will turn blue. Using that cable you can also charge your controller.

  • Controler have to be fully charged 

When your controller is not properly charged you might face the problem of wireless disconnectivity between the controller and the console. Make it sure that when you plug it in than the controller is charging. The light bar on the top will turn yellow when it is not being charged.

  • Reset your controller

If your pairing issues are not concerned with power or USB cable issues, you have to reset your controller and PlayStation in order to repair the connectivity issue. If your controller still works you can do the same with the menu settings of your PS4. It is on the home screen on the extreme right side illustrate by a suitcase icon. Navigate down the menu and select the Bluetooth. Now you can see all your controller options there, as well as any other Bluetooth you have connected with your playstation4.

Choose specifically that controller you are trying to reset, then select it and hit the X button. Now press the options button on your controller to show up an applicable menu and select “Forget device”. In this way, your controller will be unpair the PS4. Once it is done, you can insert the USB cable into the controller in order to pair it to the console again.

What are the Main Problems could you encounter to create a connection?

Damaged DualShock 4 Analog Sticks:

DualShock controller within the PlayStation 4 provides the users with good gaming experiences. Its quick movement features make the gaming process more straightforward. But, the failure of this unique feature stops the game downloading process and you might face the game installation error at the time of accessing it. To identify an exact issue is a difficult thing for you and in that situation, opting for an effective PlayStation 4 Repair is the best option to mitigate the problem easily. 

PlayStation Connectivity Error:

You can get stuck with the PlayStation network connectivity problems due to DNS settings error. Therefore, maintain this piece of hardware by keeping it up to date. Moreover, you need to fix the internet connection problem and reconnect your PS4 console. Moreover, check your Wi-Fi signal strength and then adjust the wireless setup. Therefore, you might involve a potential solution to resolve it very quickly. 

Storage Space Problem:

The newest PlayStation 4 system has enough internal storage to store unlimited apps and files. But, a lot of available spaces is required to update the game regularly, Therefore, some of the file sizes occupy a larger space than they were at launch. To overcome this memory space issue, it is essential to swap out the PlayStation 4’s internal storage. Hence, restart the device and check the results.

Disc Read and Application Error:

When you are going to access your downloaded gaming apps, then getting a disc read issue is not an uncommon problem. It manifests as the error code CE-35486-6 and unfortunately, discs are damaged for it. The power cycling problem and database errors are responsible for this critical Playstation 4 app launching issue. So, hire the professionals and rebuild the database along with installing the latest update effectively.

Disc Auto Eject Problem:

Most of the time, you might often come across disc auto-eject problem at the time of insertion the disc. Even, the same issue arises while you are trying to remove the discs, but the PlayStation console doesn’t give you permission to do it. Hence, you need to adjust the console correctly and manually eject the disc by controlling the power cycle. The entire process is not an easy task and a wrong selection of the option can corrupt your PS4 console. Therefore, you might carefully adjust the settings and plug the device again.

How to Overcome the Connection Flaws with Ease?

If you come across any of the technical flaws with the DualShock then, reset it by using the following ways.

  1. Switch off your PS4 controlling device and unplug it from the power outlet.
  2. Unplug your router or modem from the power source. Press the DualShock Reset button immediately after waiting a few minutes. 
  3. Hold the button down for roughly 3-5 seconds and release after reset operation is done successfully.

If repairing your controller does not work that means the problem is not in your PS4 its inside the controller. In this scenario, you have to reset your controller. You are required a thin paper clip to press the hidden power button in your PS4 in order to reset it.

Now switch off your PS4 and unplug it and internet router, you are doing it to restrict your controller to receive any signal when you reset it. Once it is done fillip the controller and find a small hole on the right side. Now push the paper inside the hole and press the button inside for three to five seconds. Once you have done that then plug in your PS4 and the router, now turn off your PS4 and connect the controller with the help of USB cable.

How to Make a Pair between PS4 Controller and DualShock4?

  1. Turn on both the PS4 System and TV set. 
  2. The light should be white on the PS4 after receiving a signal.
  3. Connect your DUALSHOCK4 to your PS4 device and  using the USB cable 
  4. Once the DUALSHOCK is connected with PS4, press the PS controller button. 
  5. If you hear a beep and the controller light changes from orange to white signal, then it is reliable for me. This starts the pairing process after getting fair approval. 
  6. Once it is completed, it is ready to connect with the controller and complete the process as well. 

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Concluding Notes…

In this article, we have defined the effectiveness of the PlayStation repair service. Moreover, the annoying issues that is responsible for making this PlayStation 4 problem quite often. When it comes to a severe Playstation issue, then you might go for reputed repair service. Therefore, it is the best way to consult with our experts and avail effective PlayStation 4 Repair for a technical fix.

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