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How to Survive to Freelance and What Are the Highest Paying Freelance Jobs in Singapore?

With freelancing, there is no guarantee of a job tomorrow. In other terms, there is no job security. However, quality and steadfastness are the qualities that will either keep you or kick you out of the job market. The current trend considered, there will be hundreds of millions of people working in this industry within the decade. The industry is growing and is doing so fast. The competition will be the job highlight and hence reduced gigs due to numbers which means the prices will gradually drain down. So, as a freelancer, how do you stick up there?

To answer this question, you will need to take your job as an employee and as a business at the same time. Freelancing requires that you remain on top of the game, which involves self-reinvention after now and then. At the same time, the quality of the work needs to be at the highest level. The following are some of the ways you can apply to survive in this industry.


Communication remains the most crucial skill one needs to master in and out of business. If you have been contacted about a project, it helps if you follow up to find out if the client is still interested. Freelance requires aggressiveness. If you display less, you may lose the project.

Furthermore, your communication channel should be precise and direct. If you exchange information through your email, then ensure you are reachable whenever you are required. Time is of the essence. That’s why if you initiate communication with a client, you must be available to complete it; otherwise, you risk losing the deal and have a negative rating in the end.

Here are some tips: never bring yourself to disagree with the client, ensure you keep your communication channel together, i.e. if it is through the mail, keep it that way. You can as well use WhatsApp or Skype. Just ensure you keep the choices limited and maintain availability. Also, use correct English, either in response or in the project. Nevertheless, always ask for more time whenever you feel you won’t complete the task within the given time.

Adjust your pricing accordingly

If this is your livelihood, then you might want to keep your work going without having to scare away clients. Pricing in this industry is fundamental. Not all the companies or clients have similar payment logarithms. There are those companies that pay competitively while some pay dismally. Work towards excellence, and you will have your high pay when your work is noticed. In the industry, there is a writer who gets paid $75 for a 500-word article. On the other hand, there is one who gets merely $4 for the same work or even less.

Always keep other channels open for negotiation so that when you get a client who is interested in paying more, then you will have a chance to get more reviews and high pay. However, as a newbie, you should work towards establishing yourself in the market before you get to such heights.

There are clients out here with restricted budgets. As much as there are some who will want to get work done for small pay, there are those genuine clients who are ready to order but at a fixed rating. Always be open to negotiations about the pricing of your gigs.

What is the top-paying freelance jobs in Singapore?

There is a horde of legitimate freelance activities you can engage in to earn some money either on a full time or part-time basis. This has been greatly enabled by the existence of the internet and further improvement in speeds, storage and security. Below are some of the best freelance jobs in Singapore.

Social media manager

This task is one of the high paying duties with a potential to rack you a massive $300 in a day. The job entails content creation for the purpose of increasing brand awareness or promoting a particular brand on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. social media manager also does the role of influencing and advertising campaigns online. An ideal social media manager is a writer, a researcher, a marketer and a data collector.

Furthermore, as a manager, your competency and technique should be topnotch. There are set monitors known as the key performance indicators (KPIs). They keep track of the increase in audience, the level of content engagement and the conversion rates.

Writing and editing

Depending on your experience, writing and editing can be a paying venture for you. The job is ideal with an individual who has a good mastery of English and can combine words to give reasonable and resonating content.

This job involves researching, writing, editing, organizing and fact-checking. A good writer is able to generate original content which is highly engaging.

Graphic designer

This can be paying; however, it is involving and requires visual design art and skill to use the designing software to come up with primed graphics that are eye-catching. The designer has to use the designing software to come up with posters, logos, flyers, images, publications, social media content, illustrations, etc.

Clients usually give a directive on how they want the work to be done. It is upon the designer to create a design that is aligned with the description and is satisfactory to the client.


Well, this is not for anyone. But it is highly attainable by anyone. It is ideal for those with acute knowledge of multiple languages. The average rates per hour for translators in Singapore are $40 per hour. To those aspiring translators, Chinese translation has become a top priority for a majority of businesses. You can take this one up as a challenge and get yourself a career out of it.

The Bottom Line

There are countless opportunities in freelancing. Just look at any service you can deliver and figure out how well the internet can enhance your capability as well as your earning. Then take up this idea and let it pay you. The industry is growing; competition is stiffening and prices going down. Therefore, serving as an indicator that you need to look for your niche (you can have any number) and develop that niche to suit your practice. Suppose you are in urgent need for cash visit to get your money instantly.

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