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How to Share Steam Games – The Best Guide

How to Share Steam Games

It is said that education is the single most important job of the human race but sometimes alongside education, you need to cultivate your brain in other things such as playing computer games, as these games require constantly requires your intelligence. It not only increases your intelligence but it refreshes your mind as well by taking a slide break for education. Along with this, playing computer games increases your problem-solving skills, your processing skills, gives you the confidence to multitask even if you play really well then you can earn a huge amount of money as well. In this article, we will share how to share steam games.

Steam is a video game platform where users can install games, plays and when updates are available Steam updates those games automatically. This platform was developed by Valve. This is an infrastructure for distributing and managing the installation and use of games. It manages user identity information, and it has a role in providing multiplayer functionality.

Softwares are available from anywhere. You can download, install, and update it through automated means. You can use it from multiple machines.

Steam ran on Windows first. Windows software can be packaged into discrete units (.msi files). There is a utility that performs Installation information about what software is installed is stored in a local database (the registry), and there is a Control Panel applet providing a central place to browse installed software and uninstall whatever is unneeded (Add/Remove Programs).

Steam releases lots of games each year such as 9300 games in 2018 and 6700 was released in 2017 according to Steam spy. 

Some best steam games are~

 Dota 2, 


 Garry’s Mod, 

 ARK: Survival Evolved 

 PUBG  the most trending game in 2019

Steam has both free and paid games on its platform. Here are some of the best free and paid games-

  • Some free steam games are~

War Thunder– A realistic WW2 plane game that requires the right amount of strategy and then action. You can learn a lot about WW2 while playing. It will appear to you as if you are in WW2.

Cross Out: If you loved the movie Mad Max then this game is for you. 

PLAYDAY 2: This is a four men coop and 20+ missions will keep you entertained. Rob banks in an adrenaline junkies paradise. 

Heroes & Generals: It’s a battlefield style ww2 strategy game. Pick from one of three teams battle in a gigantic war in Europe. 

  • Now, some of the best-paid games on steam~

Planet Coaster: This game is the real next game in the roller coaster tycoon series. This is a laid back, money-managing, park building game. So go ahead and design your own coasters in a sandbox world. Build and level mountains.

Slime Rancher: It’s a life simulation video game and one of the most loved games on steam. There’s teleporters, construction, upgrades, resources- it goes on and on. Just be careful around some of those slimes which can be very dangerous.

Subnautica: More into survival? Then this game is definitely for you. You are stranded and you need to survive. You have to dive into the deep unknown below you, scavenge for minerals, repair and expand your little base. But you have to be very careful because unware of the lives of another world. So make yourself an army save yourself!

The Talos Principle: Would you rather have a game centered around deep thinking and puzzle-solving? This game has astonishing things to take on. You start out as a lone Artificial Intelligent in a robot body, wandering around the remains of human civilization. Why are you there? You’ll have to see for yourself. You kept on guessing for quite a long time and there are subtle things that will really play with you. They will play with your curiosity.

How to download Your Game into Your Device?

You can  Run the Steam Client on your computer if it is not running on some other devices:

  1. For Windows click “START” or the icon of the Windows in the bottom left of the display (Same for all Windows Versions)
    – Write STEAM and then select the Steam from the menu.
  2. If you are a MAC user, long-press the Command button and click on Space.
    – Search STEAM in the dialog box and then select the Steam from the list.

Add external games to your Steam Games library

On the Steam library, you can organize all of your games which will be for you, very easy to find whenever you want to play your game. Even if you don’t purchase any game from the Steam platform, you can add games from different stores and add them to the Steam library easily. All you have to do is buying the game from other retailers and redeem the code of the game which you’ve got from that store and play it. The code is 12 characters long which you have to redeem on the Steam library.

The process is easy all you have to do is open Steam so you have to go to the clients and click on the games menu on top. Take the option “Activate a product on steam”. Now a new window will pop up. By clicking next, you’ll need to agree to the Steam subscriber agreement. Again a window will pop up which says that you have to insert your Steam key and then click next for affirmation. You can now install the game on the Steam library and able to play.

The First Thing First: Log in To Your Steam Account:

  1. To Log into the Steaming account to your game; go to the setting section
  2. There you can see sign-up or login section. Now if you are a new player you have to select the “Sign-up” option and create a fresh account to the gaming site. There you can see the social login section, you can automatically signup using your social media account.
  3. Now if you already have an account or an old player you can log in with your old user name and password.
  4. Also, old users can log in using their social media account and resume playing the saved game if they have a back up on the streaming platform which is linked with his/her social media.

How to share Steam Games:

As it was said earlier that Steam is a digital distribution platform where you can get enormous games from a lot of big and independent publishers. Recently Valve company added sharing features recently where you can share these games with your friends and family members. Looks fascinating, doesn’t it?

Now coming to the process that how you can share the games with your family members or friends. These are some following steps~

  • Allow the Steam Guard security feature: To enable family library sharing you must apply the Steam Guard Security feature. Go to account on the Steam settings menu then select Manage my account with the Steam guard security option.
  • Log in your Steam account on family or friend’s computer: At first log in to your family and friend’s computer with your Steam account. Now, launch settings menu option, now click on the family tab, choose to authorize the computer. Now you will get the option to authorize any account that has also logged in the same pc.

Now, log out from your account and log in with the family member or friend’s account. They are now able to download and install games from the gaming library. You will be asked to request access or buy the game. You will request access and then you will be asked to confirm the computer name and then send the request once that is confirmed. Now send request means Steam will send an email to another user where that user can confirm and allow to share the games which that user purchased and Voila! The sharing is now complete.

Benefits of this sharing feature 

The benefit of this Steam games sharing facility is that one person has to purchase a game but the rest ten members will get to use the facility for free. Some old games, which you are not playing anymore those can be played by other users and enjoy the games with their heart’s content. And most importantly when you feel that you are getting to authorize the game for yourself in spite of the real owner of the game you can deauthorize them immediately. 

Some of the limitations of Steam Game sharing:

Now coming to the limitation part, You can share the games with up to ten computers after that sharing will not be allowed and only one person can play that game at a time. So you have to have the permission of others when you will want to play. 

Concluding Note:

For a better experience of a steaming game, it is not only essential to log in to your account and start playing with other players, but you also make a group and share your steam game and play with your friends and family. Besides, it will also help you to clear your mind after spending a busy day.

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