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How to secure cryptocurrency transactions with Bitcoin Mixer

Several years ago, cryptocurrencies turned the financial world upside down, thanks to their characteristics, which presented new opportunities to ordinary people. A fully-fledged digital currency must have two mutually exclusive properties to ensure security and its value. Bitcoin Anonymity has attracted millions of users to its network who have seen a new level of financial freedom along with its use. At the same time, the very essence of cryptocurrency and systems based on Blockchain technology implies the presence of transparency of all transactions, which makes those in the network of Bitcoin traceable. How to secure cryptocurrency transactions?

Where does the threat come from?

The transparency of all actions in the blockchain is a prerequisite for protecting the whole Bitcoin network from fraudulent activity. Thanks to this, cryptocurrency has its own value, since it is almost impossible to fake it. At the same time, it made it possible to track all transactions in the system, which inflicts a blow to anonymity. Although each address on the blockchain is a long, unique code, it is associated with a specific email address.

If data theft occurs and the email address is compromised, then the addresses in the Bitcoin blockchain can be identified with a specific user. Then the developers thought about the Bitcoin Mixer, which could allow making transactions with the Bitcoin safe.

Why anonymity is needed when making regular purchases

Some users may say that they use cryptocurrency exclusively for ordinary purchases and have no relation to any illegal transactions. Why then do they need to use the Bitcoin Mixer? Contrary to popular belief, Bitcoin Anonymity is not so needed by hackers and scammers, but ordinary decent people in order to protect themselves from malicious actions against them.

Having received information about your account and linking it with your identity, Bitcoin Analysis allows attackers to find out what transactions, in what volume and with whom you conducted from your wallets, and then use it against you for extortion, theft and other criminal actions.

To do this, one does not need to have any special skills to trace all your transactions on the blockchain. If your personal data is stolen and the addresses of your crypto wallets are identified as yours, then the history of all your digital financial operations can be tracked.

Bitcoin Mixer as a measure of transaction anonymity protection

In order to eliminate the risk of such events and protect your finances and personal data, the user-friendly Bitcoin Mixer was developed, which make your Bitcoin Safe. A Bitcoin Blender such as BitMix.Biz is easy to use and has great features for everyone.

Bitcoin Mixer breaks each transaction into many small payments and passes them through dozens of different addresses. This greatly complicates the process of tracking each transaction, because for Bitcoin Analysis there are too many source data, the processing of which will take a lot of time. At the same time, all information about operations performed on BitMix.Biz is stored in encrypted form and is automatically deleted after 72 hours, and you also have the possibility to delete it instantly in manual mode.

How to use the capabilities of BitMix.Biz

As an ordinary user, being anywhere in the world where there is an Internet connection, you can simply go to the Bitcoin Mixer main page or using NoJS version without JavaScript, but we recommended TOR: http://bitmixbizymuphkc.onion and choose one of 10 supported languages. Next, you will need to specify the destination address for already mixed cleared crypto coins and select your preferred mixing options, which you can then save as hashcode to further use.

In order to be able to use Bitcoin Blender BitMix.Biz in normal mode, the amount of your transaction must be in the range from 0.005 – 1000 BTC or at least 0.015 LTC. But besides this, BitMix.Biz can offer a higher level of randomization when there are 2 or more receipts of mixed coins to the destination address you specify. With this method of cleaning coins, you can mix cryptocurrency in the amount of not less than 0.1 BTC or 1 LTC, but in this case you get top anonymity, since tracking such transactions is many times more complicated.

One of the important advantages of this Bitcoin Mixer is speed. You receive cleared coins immediately after the confirmation of your transaction occurs, since in this system mixed cleared funds are already in reserve and ready for exchange at any time. You do not have to wait until the confirmation of all transactions necessary to clear your crypto coins passes.

You can be sure that you are sending your coins where necessary, because you will receive a guarantee letter from BitMix.Biz that the address to which you are transferring cryptocurrency belongs to this project.

Another way that Bitcoin Anonymity increases is a variable cleaning fee, which can range from 0.4-4% of the amount cleared. Such uncertainty will not allow attackers to calculate the exact amount of your transaction and thus find out who exactly owns the wallet.

In addition to the security of your crypto funds, you can also earn extra money on an affiliate program, getting paid for each new user, and by expanding the Bitcoin Mixer BitMix.Biz network you help increase everyone’s ability to get more Bitcoin Anonymity.

How to use Bitcoin Mixer BitMix.Biz:


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