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How to Search A Page for A Word on your Fingertips

how to search a page for a word

How to search a Page For a word- When you write something, then you need to put exact words in your sentences to make it perfect. This article will definitely prove to be helpful for readers to learn how to search a page for a word. 


Included in this article are how to search for a word on a web page chrome and how to search for a word on a web page mac. There are, in fact, several options available on how to search for a word on a page irrespective of the browser you use. 


Every writer knows the importance of perfect words in order to create efficient content. It may seem to you that it is as easy as a cake but believe me, it’s not. Putting the exact word in a sentence, you need more practice sessions. 

So whenever you think the exact word is missing, then go to a page on a search engine and search for it. 


Exact words or keywords have always been necessities for people, and that is why they pay a visit to a website on a search engine. So it’s a search engine’s job to put each and every kind of word in its library for the purpose of its customer satisfaction and to keep their market flowing.  



Are you wondering how to search a page for a word? Then you are about to be guided here


Surfing on how to search for a word on a web page? Then you have reached the right place! 


There are different search engines for several devices, but the most popular search engine is Google. In Google, you can find any word of your choice at any time whenever you want. 

Just Launch any browser and search for a word on google. And when Google appears, your search for the word you are cherishing at that moment. 

And for that, the user must know how to search for a word on a page. 

Google does store queries in a tightly controlled system, which is used to make search better. For example, Google’s spell correction system is only so good because its algorithm is automatically trained on real user queries, and many misspelled queries are unique — our users are creative at generating mistakes and typos.



The Google Algorithm 



But no, no Google employee does anything as the question details suggest.

First of all, no one at Google would successfully get query logs to access for such a purpose.

Second of all, if someone did manage to get query logs access, with the goal of mining unique search queries for unique ideas, they would have to wade through billions of queries. They’d lose their mind after the twentieth misspelling of Scarlett Johansson and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Third and most importantly, I can’t conceive of a search query that is so apparently brilliant and unique of an idea that knowing the query string itself would be valuable to anyone.



Learn How To Search for a Word on Webpage 



Imagine it’s the year 2009, and you look over the shoulder of someone on their laptop and see they’re searching for a “mobile messaging app.” I doubt anyone would have thought, “Whoa, what a uniquely brilliant idea! I never thought of mobile messaging apps! Now that I think about it, I’m gonna make one! I bet I’ll make billions!” 

Yet that was one of the most profitable ideas of the 21st century! WhatsApp was founded in 2009 by two ex-Yahoo employees and acquired by Facebook in 2014 for $19 billion.

Or consider the example of Google itself. Early on, the founders tried to sell Google. 

And they had more than an idea; they had a fully functional search engine based on a novel algorithm published in academic journals. Yet Yahoo and other companies passed on Google.

So that’s why I simply can’t imagine this ever happening.


Ideas Are Gold Mines 


It’s a cliche, but it’s true: ideas are cheap. And thus was the idea of how to search for a word on a page. 


It is ideas like these ( how to search for a word on a web page) that makes this world a better place. 


While searching, each and everyone entered keywords will be stored in the database whenever it is found. Repeated google makes it unique, and not only that, if you type sentences while searching, it will take keywords and search them, compare them and show the exact result that the user wants.


How To Search For a Word on a Web Page ( Google ) 


Most people search their words on google; that is why Google is the number one website in the world according to some website ranking (The ranking is based on website traffic by people) websites like Alexa, Comscore, etc. But some percentage of people search for the different search bar for searching their required words.

People having iPhones or iPads often search words on the Safari search bar. You can search the internet using Safari or Search for a word in a webpage on Safari.

  1. Case 1 is pretty trivial, so I’ll give you case 2 first. Press Cmd+f, and you’ll see a small bar appear in the upper right corner of the screen. Type the word you want to find.  
  2. For case 1, go to the website of your favorite search engine and search. Fast method: just type your search term in the URL bar. The search results will be provided by your default search engine.
  3. Do you know the methods to search any data very shortly from different browsers? Yes, we are going to talk about those useful methods that help to get that required page effectively. Even, you can get all the accurate information from this page effortlessly.

So here, we have discussed how to search for a word on a webpage Safari. Let us now see the steps to follow on how to search for a word on the webpage Safari. 

Procedure on How To Search For a Word on a Web Page (Safari) 

To make Safari as your default search engine, you need to apply these processes:

  1. Start Safari on your home screen.
  2. Then tap the Smart Search button on your browser.
  3. Now write the words which you require now and click on the Go button. That’s all you need to do. Now Safari is your search engine on your iPhone or iPad device.

So for a Safari user, these are the primary steps on how to search for a word on a page of it.

If you want to search for the exact word from any website, then these are some required steps you are needed to perform.

For an Android user, the above method on how to search for a word on a page does not provide any help. Hence, given below are the steps on how to search for a word on a web page of Google.


Procedure on How to Search for a word on A Web Page Chrome 


If you are a Google Chrome user, then what you have to do is follow the given below steps on how to search for a word on a web page chrome. 

  1. Open any page of your desire on Google Chrome.
  2. Now go to the top right corner where an option is there which looks like vertically three dots, click on that.
  3. Now a search pop up will appear where you have to write down the word which you want to search on that website, and voila! You got your word! 

The 3 simple steps mentioned above will enable you to know about how to search for a word on a web page chrome. 

Other browsers such as Opera, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, just Type CTRL+F, and you will get a search bar where you will write the desired words, and the result is yours. This is also applicable to Google Chrome too. 


Procedure on How To Search For A Word on A Web Page Mac 


Now take a look at the mac users and their searching process. They find their required words from a website in the following process. 


  1. First, we need to open the desired web page. 
  2. Now click on the Edit on the menu bar. You will get the option “Find In This Page” and click on that. Then put the word and search for it.

So if you are an Apple user, now you know how to search for a word on a web page, mac. 

Get to Know How to search for a word on a web page Mac by Replacing Words. 

Even you can replace those words if you want to on a Mac, but for that, you need to perform these steps:-

  1. Click on the option “Find In This Page” or simply type command+f, and you will get the search bar where you will search for the word which is to be replaced with another word. 
  2. Now you need to check the Replace checkbox, and then the “Replace” field will appear, which will be below the search bar. 
  3. Now type any word on that search bar and type another word on the Replace bar, which will be replaced.
  4. Now, if you want to replace all the previous words with the new one, then select All.
  5. And if you don’t want to replace all of the previous words with the new one, instead you want to replace only one time, then you have to click on the don’t click option on the All and select manually and replace the necessary word in accordance with you.

Now you know that the procedures of how to search for a word on a web page and how to search for a word on a web page Mac are more or less different. 


What does the “Quick Find” option do?  


 We use the Quick Find option when we need a quick search about something, but it doesn’t stay longer. It disappears after some moment. 

So readers, apart from just knowing how to search for a word on a web page, this is an extra bonus! 

Apart from that, Quick Find doesn’t have any next or highlight bar. Just click on the “ /,” and you will get the search option. 


Importance of finding Words From A Browser 


You might wonder why finding words from a browser has any importance then here are some reasons for that~

  1. Suppose you have a long document from there; you require some words or sentences only, then you just need to type Ctrl+f and search for it.
  2. You can find the important phrases, and if those phrases are not there, then you can add them accordingly.
  3. If you write a long document, then if you find out that a word which was used several times spelled incorrectly, then changing the specific word one by one is very hectic work and which can be easily changed by replacing all buttons.
  4. You can even highlight the words or phrases which you have entered by clicking the highlight all button and again press the highlight all button to remove the highlights.   

It does not matter which browser you use, but ensure to follow the steps ( how to search for a word on a page ) if you are a Mac user. 


Conclusion – How to Search A Page For a Word


How to Search a page for a word article can be highly useful for those who want instant results on finding a particular word on any page.


We can easily conclude that It’s a very important thing to gather knowledge about our browsers and how to search a page for a word or even in any of the documents or web browsers. 


If you know that your life will be much easier, most importantly our precious time will be saved because as it is written above, that you don’t have to change a single word which is spelled incorrectly many places one by one instead, you will just have to find the word and click replace all buttons. 


It not only saves your time but also makes you smarter. 

We hope that this article has helped you cover queries on how to search for a word on a page. 


Enjoyed this article? Don’t forget to share your inquiries and reach out to us. We hope that this article gave you a clear idea regarding how to search a page for a word

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