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How to mine cryptocurrency from your android device?

Cryptocurrency mining is just for some nerds having expensive hardware configuration. Although expensive cryptocurrencies like bitcoin can only be mined if you have a ridiculously expensive server and GPU setup, certain others like ETN can be mined if you have the right app and a decent Android smartphone. In this article, we shall discuss how to mine cryptocurrencies on your Android app with the help of Electronium, a popular cryptocurrency mining app.

Install Electronium

Electronium is an open source app which allows you to mine ETN from your smartphone. The app has over 30,000 downloads and a rating of over 4.1 stars in play store. For the installation of this app, you will need a compatible device. Fortunately, Electronium’s demands are quite less in terms of both software and hardware. You will need to have at least Android 4.1 and about 30mb of free memory on your device. Let’s proceed with the installation steps.

  • Open PlayStore or your favorite app store.
  • Download and install the app.
  • Once the installation has been completed, tap on open to launch the app.

If this app is not available at play store in your region, you can install it from any other third-party app store. However, before doing that, ensure that app installation from third-party sources is allowed in your device.

Create an Account

After launching Electronium for the first time, you will get the option to either start mining or to log in. If you don’t have an account, go to Sign Up.

  • The app will ask for access to your contacts. Allow it.
  • Enter a valid email ID in the email field.
  • Enter a strong password consisting of alphabets, numbers, and symbols.
  • Do keep these details in mind since they will be needed once you navigate to the mining settings.
  • After you have entered the details, tap on sign up and then on Activate Cloud Mining.

Before mining ETN, you will need to activate your wallet. For activating, you will need to enter a setup PIN, validate your email address, accept the security terms and conditions and prove that you are not a bot, but a human being. For each successful validation, you will be awarded 5 ETN.

Start Mining Cryptos

The app will take you to the home screen now from where you can start mining. Wondering how much you can earn? Well, it depends on the CPU strength of your device and your region’s electricity cost. Mobile CPU’s usually have a hash rate ranging from 30 H/s and 50 H/s. Once you reach the minimum payout amount, which is 100 ETN by default, you can opt to withdraw the amount you earn from mining.  You can also add bonus coins by referring your friends and acquaintances. For each successful referral, you will get 5 ETBN

Withdrawing Your Profit

There is a built-in calculator in the app from where you can calculate how much physical amount you will actually get by mining. It does so by multiplying the amount you mined with the current market value of ETN at your country. Once you are certain that you want to withdraw a specific amount, you can proceed to withdraw and transfer the amount via the desired payment gateway.

Cryptocurrency mining is currently one of the easier ways to earn money quickly. And the process is hassle-free since this can be done directly from your smartphone. You can also mine it from your desktop if you have a powerful hardware setup. But why take the hassle when you can do it from your mobile. So hurry up, mine some ETNs and also refer your friends and family members and earn together.

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