How to keep bitcoin safe in case of a long term investment

Bitcoin safety is a huge concern for modern investors. There is a lot happening in the online realm and no one can afford to take any chances with their investments.

As bitcoin technology continues to prosper and more adoption is witnessed, hackers have also stepped up their game. These bad actors will stop at nothing to make your online life miserable.

What should you do them? Should you shy away from the great investment opportunities offered by Bitcoin because of this? Not as all.

Storage matters

There are so many investment opportunities. They keep popping up every day. One of the best methods to invest is to buy and hold the BTC for as long as possible.

You will be rewarded for the length of time you have held them. The good thing about this method is that you don’t have to do any hard work that you don’t feel like.

The only problem comes from how you store you BTC.  There are many different you store your BTC. These methods are divided into two major categories: the hot storage and the cold storage.

Warm storage simply refers to software storage facilities like online wallets and exchanges. But these are very risky.

If you are really into long term BTC investment, then consider cold storage. These are offline wallets that you can use without necessarily connecting to the internet. Use bitcoin mixer such as to make your bitcoin address untraceable when sending coins to a cold storage. Consider the following.

Desktop wallets

There are BTC wallets that are used from your personal computer. This kind of storage is more secure than online storages.

You cannot access private keys stored on the computer from any other device. The wallet is downloaded for a single computer use. Which means it will remain on your desktop for as long as possible.

You can access your Bitcoins even without connecting to the internet. That is one major advantage. Apart from that, you BTC are safe from hackers.

The only problem with this storage comes when something happens to your computer. For instance, a malware that takes all you bitcoins away can be send to the computer. Besides, if you lose the computer, say it breaks down; you cannot access your wallet.

Hardware storage

These are hardware devices like USB storage devices that one stores their Bitcoins in. They offer the safest means to store you coins.

The best thing about hardware storage, apart from complete security is the fact that you can retrieve your coins where the device is lost. You don’t have to worry yourself so much.

There are varying differences among these hardware devices. The most noticeable difference involves features. There are some with great display features allowing you to use even without connecting to the computer. Consider such features when making your selection.

Paper wallets

These are private and public keys printed on a piece of paper. It is the most secure way to store your bitcoins. Because a paper is flexible, you can store it anywhere you want. This makes it worth your consideration.

You can send and receive BTC on your paper storage with ease. All you need is your public keys.

If you decide to use your BTC from any of these storages, be very keen on how you go about it. Ensure you are using anonymous channel like Bitcoin Mixing services.  

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