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How to Get to Timeless Isle With Ease

How to Get to Timeless Isle

Mist of Pandaria is the fourth expansion part of the MMORPG game World of Warcraft that had been developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. Getting to the timeless isle is not an easy  is a magical island in Pandarian south-eastern coast in the Jade forest. Four Celestials and the Yaungol god of fire, Ordos, rule the island. Ordon Sanctuary is the capital of Timeless Isle. It is a place where the standard rules of time do not apply. The sun is in a perpetual state, neither rising nor setting. It is at the level 85-90, and the Battle Pet Level is 25. Players can explore the timeless isle alone or join a group. They can accumulate timeless coins to buy individual gears from the local people. They can also fight huge, dangerous creatures. Players will not be given any direction but encouraged to explore the area. There are a lot of unexplored parts in this isle. In this article, you will get to know about How to get to  timeless isle with ease

World of Warcraft was designed by Tom Chilton, Cory Stockton, Greg Street, and Ion Hazzikostas. The music is composed by Neal Acree, Russel Brower, and Jeremy Soule. It can be played on Microsoft Windows and OS X. The first version was released on 25th September 2012 and the latest one in the version 5.4.8. It is a multiplayer game. It was the most popular MMORPG game for many years.

How to get to Timeless Isle in World of Warcraft

You can simply fly to the island from the Jade Forest.  head towards the southeast and you will get to the island. You will have to fly over open waters that will cause the fatigue meter to show up, but don’t worry because you will make it to the island before the meter runs out.

Flying isn’t the only option getting to the Timeless Isle. though, If you are having the mount that helps you walking on water like the Azure Water Strider you can easily reach the Timeless Isle. For doing this, head towards the southeast tip of the Jade Forest and go to the east. In this way, you can see the Timeless Is in World of Warcraft.

how to get to timeless isle


Time is stuck in this isle. It is always sunset here. This is why it is called the Timeless Isle. The trials of hope, endurance, strength, and wisdom in front of Celestials happened here. Warriors and leaders would put their feet into the shoes of Emperor Shaohao. The inhabitants of the isle, the Pandaren monks, and the fire god Ordos worshipping Yaungols live peacefully with each other. Then the most mysterious thing happened, and the whole isle vanished. Ancient scrolls indicate the mysterious nature of the place. It comes and goes out of existence without any explanation. When it comes back it comes back in different locations. Some adventurers also vanished with the isle, and they never came back.


The isle is covered with deep forests as it is a part of the Jade Forest. As the name suggests, Ruby Lake is filled with red water. It is estimated that the reason for this is the red crystals in the mountains of the isle. The mountain area is ruled by the Yaungols, and the plainlands are left abandoned. There is a Court on the Island. On the west side of the island. ( Knowing the geography is important as it guides us regarding how to get to timeless isle with ease)

The Houjin and Tushui Pandaren made camps, but Celestials told them not to move any further inside.

how to get to timeless isle bfa
Timeless Isle

Unique Features of World of Warcraft


It is a free area among the game. Players are encouraged to explore the isle instead of given instructions. There are some quests, but you will get to visit caverns, underwater places, and fight various creatures to get coins. There are other challenging tasks when you visit Ordon Sanctuary, Croaking Hollow, and Cavern of Lost Spirits. There are a lot of monsters to be taken down. You can even team up with someone to benefit both. Taking down small monsters will give you Timeless coins, and big monster defeat will provide you with BoA tokens. With those tokens, you will get your hands on many different items.


You can join Ordon, to get the ability of Censer of Eternal Agony. The Censer will permit you for PvP, and your character will shine brightly. This will send the message to everyone around that you are pumped up for some action. Censer will increase your health. In PvP, the flagging rules still work. It is not like a war situation, but instead, players can choose individual fighters. When players kill with the Censer power, they will be able to get Bloody Coins. Bloody Coins will get unique items.


There is an abundance of creatures on the Timeless Isle like crabs, cranes, dragon turtles, fire spirits, hammerhead sharks, mistlurkers, snakes, tigers, water spirits, whale sharks, yaks. One can even get pets like Ashleaf Spiriteling, Ashwin Moth, Azure Crane Chick, Bonkers, Chi-chi the hatching of Chi-Ji, Dandelion Frolicker, Death Adder Hatchling, Flaming Moth, Gulp Froglet, Harmonious Porcupette, Jadefire Spirit, Jademist Dancer, Ominous Flame, Ruby Droplet, Skunky Alemental, Skywisp Moth, Sky Lantern, Spineclaw Crab, Swarmling of Gu’chi, Vengeful Porcupette, Xu-Fu, club of Xuen, You’ll, Cub of Xuen, Yu’la, broodling of Yu’lon, Zao, Calfling of Niuzao, etc.


There are tons of events happening in the Timeless Isle all the time. There are treasure chests that you can hunt down. It will give you additional Timeless coins. You can get creative with unconventional treasure hunts. The reward is exciting.


Bloody coins include Emissary of Ordos, Candlekeeper, Oathguard, Kilnmaster, Fire-Watcher, Extreme Treasure Hunter, Eyes on the Ground, Going to need a bigger bag, Killing time, Legend of the Past, Timeless Legend, Pilgrimage, Rolo’s Riddle, Timeless Champion, Timeless Nutriment, Treasure Treasure Everywhere, Where there’s Pirates there’s Booty, Zarhym Altogether, Celestial Family, Master of Masters, the celestial Tournament, Ordos, Emperor Shaohao.

Name of the Events

The events in the Timeless Isle include A Timeless Question, Angry Sprite, Archiereus of Flame, Battle of the Barnacle, Blackguard’s Jetsam, Blazing Chest, Bufo, the Celestial Tournament, Champion of the Black Flame, Chelon, Cinderfall, Crane gangster, Dread Ship Vazuvius, Emerald Gander, Evermaw, Great Turtle Furyshell, Flintlord Gairan, Garnia, Gleaming Crane Statue, Gleaming Treasure Chest, Gleaming Treasure Satchel, Golganarr, Gu’chi the Swarmbringer, Huolon, Imperial Python, Ironfur Steelhorn, Jakur of Ordon, Karkanos, Kukuru’s Treasure Cache, Leafmender, Monstrous Spineclaw, Watcher Osu, Really Skunky Beer, Rock Moss, Rope-Bound Treasure Chest, Skull-Covered Chest, Smouldering Chest, Spelurk, Spirit of Jadefire, Stinkbraid, Sunken Hozen Treasure, Tsavo’ka, Urdur the Cauterizer, Whizzing, Zarhym Altogether, Zesqua.

Getting to the Timeless Isle

When players reach level 90, they get to the Timeless Isle by a quest upon entering the shrine in the Vale of eternal blossoms. Players meet with the Chromie at Mogu’shan Palace, and she gives the players the Curious Bronze Timepiece. It is a once available teleport that can take the player to the position of the watcher. There the players can see the whole place and make their return. If any player wants to go there but have not reached level 90, they can, but it will be a little confusing.

getting to timeless isle
Timeless – Reaching the Isle


  • A Flash of Bronze
  • Journey to the Timeless Isle
  • Timekeeper Kairoz
  • A Timeless Tour and Time in your Hands
  • The Essence of Time
  • Empowering the Hourglass
how to get to timeless isle
Timeless Isle


  • The Last Emperor
  • Timeless Nutrient
  • Wayshrines of the Celestials
  • Path of the Mistwalker
  • Drive Back the Flame
  • The Archiereus of Flame
getting to the timeless isle
Timeless Isle -Shaohao

Rolo’s Riddles

  • Rolo’s Riddle
  • Rolo’s Riddle
  • Rolo’s Riddle
how to get to the timeless isle
timeless – rolo’s riddle


Weekly Quests

  • A Timeless Question
  • The Celestial Tournament

Great Chef Woo’s Repeatable

  • Meaty Crane leg
  • Great Turtle Meat
  • Heavy Yak Flank
  • Thick Tiger Haunch
  • Pristine Firestorm Egg
getting to the timeless isle
timeliss- Great Chef Woo’s Repeatable

General Points for getting to the Timeless Isle

  • Players can reach the island by flying from the Jade Forest. You will have to preserve your energy as much as possible and not get fatigued. In the initial quest, Chromie can point the player to the island.
  • Players are not permitted to fly in the Timeless Isle. Players will need good ground stuff, in the water, they will need Reins of Poseidus. Ship-wrecks can be visited using Reins of the Azure Water Strider. There is also a taxi called Highwind Albatross that can take the players to remote areas.
  • There is an inn on the island. Players can take rest there. The innkeeper’s name is Graceful Swan.
  • There are also flightpaths. The camps of Houjin and Tuishi have them.
  • Players need to win several quests and conquer the bosses to get their hands on the legendary cape, Siege of Orgrimmar.
  • There is a new feature added by Blizzard that can alert the players of different activities and events. It will show a skull if there is a special opportunity. It will also show crossed swords if the player can complete any such event.
  • Players can also search within the game and know if they had already completed it or not.
  • Pirates are very common in this isle. This will provide lots of adventures and opportunities to explore in the isle.
  • There are several daily and weekly quests.
  • If the player is at the last quest of the legendary questline, it will take several journeys to take them to the Timeless Isles.
  • Five world bosses rule the isle. They are Chi-ji, the Red Crane, Yu’lon the Jade Serpent, Niuzao the Black Ox, Xuen the White Tiger, and the Ordos.
  • Although time does not pass in this place, Inky Black Potion will make the area into the night.
  • You can also do the cooking, sell your noodles and recipes to other players, and turn into a vendor.

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The World of Warcraft was not the first game of this kind, but when it was released, it changed online gaming. It was the first game with such massive scope in fantasy world-building and even appealed to people who typically shied away from sports. It has a global fan base. The Mist of Pandaria is a worthy addition to the World of Warcraft. It is not a free game, but it is still one of the best out there.

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