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How to Get to Timeless Isle With Ease?

How to Get to Timeless Isle

How to Get to Timeless Isle is a frequently enquired question by someone who plays War of Warcraft. This article is your guide to give a quick insight on how to get to Timeless Isle. 

Mist of Pandaria is the fourth expansion pack of the MMORPG game World of Warcraft, developed and distributed by Blizzard Entertainment. Organizations like Blizzard Entertainment are contributing a lot to the Metaverse world.

Getting to timeless isle isn’t a simple task. It is a mystical island on Pandarian south-eastern coast in the Jade forest. 

The island is ruled by The Four Celestials and the Yaungol god of fire, Ordos. The capital of Timeless Isle is Ordon Sanctuary. 

Know How To Get To Timeless Isle

Since the rules of time are irrelevant there and the sun is in an intermittent state (neither rises nor sets), it’s a very mysterious island. It’s at the level 85-90, and the Battle Pet Level is 25. 

Players can collect timeless coins to purchase individual gears from the local folks. They can investigate the timeless isle alone or join a group. 

They can also fight massive, perilous creatures. Players won’t be given any instructions but are encouraged to investigate the island area because most of the parts in this isle are left unexplored.

In this article, you will get a fair idea about How to get to Timeless isle BFA and How to Get to Ordon Sanctuary 

 How To Get To Timeless Isle BFA 

World of Warcraft was designed by Tom Chilton, Cory Stockton, Greg Street, and Ion Hazzikostas. The music is composed by Neal Acree, Russel Brower, and Jeremy Soule. The supporting platforms are Microsoft Windows and OS X. 

The first version was released on 25th September 2012, and the latest one in the version 5.4.8. It is an MMORPG game which was the most popular MMORPG game for many years. One of the most asked questions recently on Google is, “How do I get to the timeless isle.” 

How to get to Timeless Isle in World of Warcraft:

  1. One way to get to the Timeless Isle is for you to fly to the island from the Jade Forest. Fly towards the southeast, and you will reach the island. The fatigue meter might appear when you attempt to fly over open waters to reach the island, but there is no need for you to worry because the meter will run out only by the time you reach the island.
  2. If you still ask yourself the same question-”How do I get to the timeless isle”, fortunately there is an alternate way as mentioned below.
  3. There is another way for you to reach the Timeless isle in which you don’t necessarily need to fly across open waters. If you have the amount that gives you the ability to walk on water like the Azure Water Strider, you can effortlessly reach the Timeless Isle. To do this, go to the southeast tip of the Jade Forest and then go to the east. This is how you get to the Timeless Isle in the World of Warcraft.

History of the Isle 

The name of the island is Timeless isle for a reason and getting to timeless isle is not a piece of cake. It’s mostly because time stays the same, and it’s always sunset time there on the isle. The mysterious events like trials of hope, endurance, strength, and wisdom in front of Celestials occurred here. Warriors and leaders would put their feet into the shoes of Emperor Shaohao. The people of the isle, the fire god Ordos worshipping Yaungols, and the Pandaren monks live in peace. The island disappeared one day, mysteriously. In the ancient scrolls, it is said that the Isle comes and goes out of existence without any explanation. When it comes back, it comes back in different spots. Each time the island disappears, the explorers on the island go missing too and were never found again.

Learn topography to easily learn How to Get to Timeless Isle 

Every World of Warcraft player knows that Getting to Timeless Isle is not easy. So make sure you know the topography.

The isle, being a part of the Jade Forest, is shielded with deep forests. Ruby Lake is named so because of the red color water in it. It is said that the red crystals of the mountains of the isle are responsible for the red-colored water in Ruby Lake. Yaungols rules the mountain areas.

The plainlands are left deserted. There is a Court on the Island. On the west side of the island. (Understand the island topography well as it will guide the players regarding how to get to the timeless isle with ease)

The Houjin and Tushui Pandaren made camps that have flight paths, but Celestials told them not to move any further inside.

Some Exclusive Gameplay Features

After “How Do I get to Timeless Isle” comes the question of the game features. 

  1. Freedom:-

The isle is a free to play area inside the game. Players are urged to investigate the aisle as opposed to adhering to the given guidelines. There are some quests, but you will get to visit caverns, underwater places and fight various creatures to get coins. When you visit Ordon Sanctuary, Croaking Hollow, and Cavern of Lost Spirits, there will be other challenging tasks. There are a lot of monsters to be taken down. If you team up with another player to do a task, it’ll benefit both. You will get timeless coins when you take down small monsters and BoA tokens when you defeat big monsters. You can obtain a wide variety of items with those tokens.

  1. Power:-

To get the ability of Censer of Eternal Agony, you can join Ordon. Your character will shine brightly when the Censer permits you for PvP. This will indicate to others that you are ready for some action. Your health will be increased by the Censer. The flagging rules still work on the PvP. The players can choose their individual fighters, unlike in war situations. The players will get Bloody Coins when they kill with the Censer power, and with those Bloody Coins, they can get unique items.

  1. Creatures:-

When you get to timeless isle, you will face the following creatures. 

The timeless isle is rich with creatures like crabs, cranes, dragon turtles, fire spirits, hammerhead sharks, mistlurkers, snakes, tigers, water spirits, whale sharks, yaks. A player can get pets like Ashleaf Spiriteling, Ashwin Moth, Azure Crane Chick, Bonkers, Chi-chi the hatching of Chi-Ji, Dandelion Frolicker, Death Adder Hatchling, Flaming Moth, Gulp Froglet, Harmonious Porcupette, Jadefire Spirit, Jademist Dancer, Ominous Flame, Ruby Droplet, Skunky Elemental, Skywisp Moth, Sky Lantern, Spineclaw Crab, Swarmling of Gu’chi, Vengeful Porcupette, Xu-Fu, the club of Xuen, You’ll, Cub of Xuen, Yu’la, broodling of Yu’lon, Zao, Calfling of Niuzao, etc.

This guide will help you learn about the creatures so that you can have an idea about what creatures you will have to face when the player get to timeless isle. 

  1. Events 

Several events are to be attended by the player once they get to timeless isle. 

Once you understand how to get to timeless isle, you must be curious about the events there. Fortunately, there are plenty of events occurring on the Isle all the time. Hunting down treasure chests will give you extra Timeless coins. You can do a lot of creative things in some of the unusual treasure hunts, and you’ll get exciting rewards.

  1. Achievements:

Get to Timeless isle and achieve exciting prizes! 

Now you’ll need to know about all the achievements to obtain in the Timeless Isle. Some of the Bloody coins include Emissary of Ordos, Candlekeeper, Oathguard, Kilnmaster, Fire-Watcher, Extreme Treasure Hunter, Eyes on the Ground, Going to need a bigger bag, Killing time, Legend of the Past, Timeless Legend, Pilgrimage, Rolo’s Riddle, Timeless Champion, Timeless Nutriment, Treasure Treasure Everywhere, Where there’s Pirates there’s Booty, Zarhym Altogether, Celestial Family, Master of Masters, the celestial Tournament, Ordos, Emperor Shaohao.

So if you are a good player, you will get to timeless isle and be crowned by these. 

Name of the Events:

The events in the Timeless Isle include A Timeless Question, Angry Sprite, Archiereus of Flame, Battle of the Barnacle, Blackguard’s Jetsam, Blazing Chest, Bufo, the Celestial Tournament, Champion of the Black Flame, Chelon, Cinderfall, Crane gangster, Dread Ship Vazuvius, Emerald Gander, Evermaw, Great Turtle Furyshell.

Flintlord Gairan, Garnia, Gleaming Crane Statue, Gleaming Treasure Chest, Gleaming Treasure Satchel, Golganarr, Gu’chi the Swarmbringer, Huolon, Imperial Python, Ironfur Steelhorn, Jakur of Ordon, Karkanos, Kukuru’s Treasure Cache, Leafmender, Monstrous Spineclaw, Watcher Osu, Really Skunky Beer, Rock Moss, Rope-Bound Treasure Chest, Skull-Covered Chest, Smouldering Chest, Spelurk, Spirit of Jadefire, Stinkbraid, Sunken Hozen Treasure, Tsavo’ka, Urdur the Cauterizer, Whizzing, Zarhym Altogether, Zesqua are also some of the events. 

After understanding the game features and the main ways to get to the isle, are you still asking yourself the same question-”How do I get to the timeless isle”?

Then let’s take a closer look into it with more emphasis on the important quests, weekly quests associated with it.

How to get to Timeless isle

When players reach level 90, they get to the Timeless Isle by a quest upon entering the shrine in the Vale of eternal blossoms. Players encounter the Chromie at Mogu’shan Palace, who gives the players the Curious Bronze Timepiece. It can teleport the player to the position of the watcher, but only once. In the watcher, the players can see the whole place and return. If any player who has not reached level 90 wants to go there, they can, but it will be a slightly puzzling task.


  1. A Flash of Bronze
  2. Journey to the Timeless Isle
  3. Timekeeper Kairoz
  4. A Timeless Tour and Time in your Hands
  5. The Essence of Time
  6. Empowering the Hourglass


  1. The Last Emperor
  2. Timeless Nutrient
  3. Wayshrines of the Celestials
  4. Path of the Mistwalker
  5. Drive Back the Flame
  6. The Archiereus of Flame

Rolo’s Riddles:

  1. Rolo’s Riddle
  2. Rolo’s Riddle
  3. Rolo’s Riddle

  Weekly Quests:

  1. A Timeless Question
  2. The Celestial Tournament

Great Chef Woo’s Repeatable:

  1. Meaty Crane leg
  2. Great Turtle Meat
  3. Heavy Yak Flank
  4. Thick Tiger Haunch
  5. Pristine Firestorm Egg

How to get to Ordon Sanctuary

If you are surfing about how to get to Ordon Sanctuary, read! 

The Ordon Sanctuary containing the Ordos, the god of the Young is situated past the firewalker’s Path, way above the Timeless Isle. Until its destruction, it’s accessible through a bridge. Now, we need to know how to get to Ordon Sanctuary in other ways.

Methods on How to get to Ordon Sanctuary 

  1. Use a High wind albatross to carry you, and then you’d have to kill it to land.
  2. You have to purchase a Golden Glider first. Then swim away from the island until you can mount. Now fly back to the island until you are forced to dismount and now use the glider to position yourself and land on the Ordon Sanctuary.
  3. Use the Gleaming Crane statue to turn and land near the sanctuary.

All the solutions to the question of “how to get to Ordon Sanctuary” are answered above.

How To Get To Timeless Isle BFA 

How to get to timeless isle BFA- an Overview 

If you are searching for How to get to Timeless Isle BFA, then this is your port of call. 

Read the following paragraphs so that you will know How to get to Timeless Isle BFA 

  1. One way to get to the Timeless Isle is for you to fly to the island from the Jade Forest. Fly towards the southeast, and you will reach the island. The fatigue meter might appear when you attempt to fly over open waters to reach the island, but there is no need for you to worry because the meter will run out only by the time you reach the island. In the initial quest, Chromie can point the player to the island.
  2. Flying is not permitted inside the isle. So, players are advised to keep good ground pieces of stuff like Reins of Poseidus in the water and Reins of the Azure Water Strider to visit the shipwrecks and the taxi called Highwind Albatross to reach the remote areas.
  3. Players can take a rest in the one on the island. There is an innkeeper named Graceful Swan in there.
  4. The camps of Tui

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