How To Get Into Crypto Betting?

Cryptocurrency casinos came to the spotlight a few years ago when a lot of Twitch streamers started to promote them. There were huge numbers involved in every stream and it was very exciting to see how much you can win by playing games. Besides slots, you can bet on sports by using crypto without providing any personal information.

You should think twice before starting to gamble because it can get addicting but there’s also the potential to earn some money. Nowadays, there’s a lot of news about the championship finals, liverpool vs real madrid which will probably be the game where the most bets are made.

Are Crypto Casinos Safe?

One of the reasons why people are switching to crypto gambling is the privacy and safety of the platforms. But, it is more private than safe considering how many people are trying to use this opportunity for bad purposes. Blockchain technology allows providers to keep everyone private which means that you can register by only using an email address and a password.

You would make the payments through your cryptocurrency wallet so there aren’t any bank transactions. In order for this to be legal, most of the online casinos are based in offshore countries where it is legal to own them. This wouldn’t be a problem if every one of them had a great reputation and worked appropriately.

So, try to find a couple of reputable bookies or casinos where you can make the bets safely. Even if you are doing it for fun and you have spare coins to spend, you would want to have a fair game.

Opening a Wallet and Signing Up

If you are new to crypto investing and you don’t have any coins in your portfolio, you should start by opening a wallet. There are a lot of great websites like Coinbase where you can open a wallet and make exchanges. If you are doing it only to gamble, buy a coin that will not drop in price like USDT.

You will need to set two-factor authentication, which is a good thing before you visit the casino. Make sure you keep your wallet safe and you don’t share this information with anyone. It’s basically impossible to hack it or steal it unless you let someone take it.

Singing up to a crypto website takes only a few minutes to do until you verify your email address. You will also need to place your wallet address so you can make a deposit and withdraw if you win. This is done only in a few clicks so you won’t have any issues with the transactions if the website is legit.

What To Gamble On?

There are plenty of options you can gamble on including slots, sports, and table games. Each option is gaining popularity because people tend to spend crypto coins more than fiat currency. If you are looking to make a profit and do it professionally, the best choice would be to bet on sports. BetUs also has a very reliable catalog for online casinos

When it comes to slots and table games, you will always know your odds and the house always has an edge. So, in the long run, you won’t profit from it which is why they spend a lot of money on streamers that promote their website. Focus on the sport you like and do a deep analysis for each game that is played so you can increase your chances of winning.

How To Beat The House?

Beating the house is practically impossible unless you have a great strategy and you play smart. Playing smart means that you won’t win 100% of the time because they can remove you from the platform. If you get on a winning strike, lose one on purpose so you can keep going. BetUs could be your new hotspot for betting

This doesn’t always happen, but the biggest casinos don’t like winners and they will try to make you lose with many different methods. Crypto gambling is better for you in this case because you won’t get in contact with the house. Try out multiple strategies that will give you an average profit by the end of the month and stick to them.

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