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How to delete a blank page in Word : The Best Guide

how to delete a blank page in word

Microsoft Office became a household name and gradually made its way through our lives both at homes and offices. We use the benefits of Microsoft office, more specifically Microsoft Word almost every day and everywhere; in schools, offices, markets.  It increases our productivity in geometric progression. It practically became the come in handy software for everyone, and for meaningful reasons. In this tech guide, we will learn how to delete a blank page in word.

Microsoft Word made word processing a great and fun experience for the users. Having users in mind they have added many automated functions and shortcuts. And the problem experienced by users is that they do not know that many functions or operations. Hence, they end up using wrong or too many options which may take a longer time than necessary to perform more complicated tasks on hand.

If you have a deadline and the clock is ticking but you are stuck with a professional detail in your assignments. And yet there are a few tasks that need to be done.

How to delete a blank page in word is one of them and it can become an essential part before presenting your final words.

Do not worry, in this article we will help you so you can understand how to delete a blank in word. So there are three different ways to delete a page in MS Word.

One of the most common and difficult problems that a user may run into, from time to time is that a blank page appears out of nowhere automatically, either in the middle of the pages of word document or sometimes at the end of the word document, without any addition of the page and detection is not always possible by the user. And it gets frustrated for you, the user. One can choose to print, the selected pages only but that is not going to be the solution to the problem in the long run.

Basic solutions on how to delete a blank page in Word:

Unwanted blank pages in the middle or the end of a word document that cannot seem to be deleted is a cause of serious frustration amongst the working professionals, who have to deal with an MS-Word major part of their day while creating contents, processing words.

This unwanted occurrence sometimes causes extra paragraphs or even extra page breaks. This may disturb the correct formatting of your document. Generally, they contain manual page breaks, section breaks or other elements in your document. And the actual problem is the deletion of these blank pages is very difficult for the user while working on content. The usual backspace or delete key does not remove it from your document like a normal page.

There are a couple of processes that can be used to solve this problem.

The most basic and easier solution will be :

  • Solution-1 to delete a blank page in word:

  1. First Go to your unwanted blank page
  2.  Then click to as close to the bottom of the page 
  3. After that, press the backspace key from your keyboard until the page gets removed.
  • Solution-2 to delete a blank page in word:

  1. Go to the VIEW tab option
  2. Then select the NAVIGATION PANE in show selection
  3. After this just select the blank page thumbnail on the left panel of your screen
  4. Then press the delete key of your keyboard to remove it.

Clicking the navigating pane’s thumbnail pane tab allows us to get a pre-survey of the page and immediately scroll down the whole report by giving access to the thumbnails of each page.  This surprising feature lets you immediately locate the page you want to delete, then all you have to is to double click on it to go at the exact page.

This technique is beneficial when you have unknowingly produced a bunch of blank pages, sometimes by accidentally pressing the space bar or adding some page breaks. Easy determination of the blank pages is possible through the navigation pane.

Sometimes you can see the blank paragraphs that are at the edge of your paper. Do not go to delete them—you can command Word to perform non-printing characters. You need to click the Show/Hide tool on the toolbar. After selecting, you will see all the spaces, paragraphs, tabs, and other parts in your report—all the parts that normally don’t show up on your screen. This can be very effective for figuring out why something doesn’t look quite right in your paper.

  • Solution-3 to delete a blank page in word:

  1. Visit the PAGE LAYOUT  tab.
  2. Then, click on the margins button
  4. then click on the LAYOUT tab
  5.  at the dow of the page in the drop-down menu next to selection start, check if a new page is selected→click OK.

 Other ways to Delete a Blank Page in word:

  • Using Go To function: Instead of scrolling, this Go to function lets your cursor to jump a page, a section or a line, which you may specify like just system of teleportation of your cursor from one page to another location in the document, with much less time required. This function also helps in detecting the content by highlighting it. 
  • Step:1-  
    1.   Go to the main menu, after that go to Edit>Find
  • Choose GO To or just press Fn+CmdG, that should open the Go To tab and in the Discovery and replace the dialogue box.
  • Step:2-
  1. Click on Enter page number text box and then type the number
  2. Click Go To option. 

After all these steps, you can go to the page you want to remove by the number of the page.

If the page number is unknown to you, then you can also type + or – to go from the current page to the page you are looking for. 

If you are on page 1 and the page you want to get rid of is 7 pages down, then, the simple thing is to type +7 and then click on the Go To button and it will take you to the desired page.

  • Step:3- 
  1. Now, type ‘‘/page’’ and click on Go To, to highlight the whole page 
  2. Click Close, once it gets highlighted

Once we type /page and then on Go To the page usually get the page you want to delete highlighted.

  • Step:4- Simply press Backspace or delete, to finally remove the page.

When the whole page is highlighted, it becomes easy for you to delete the page by pressing just backspace keys. Then it easily deletes the whole page for you.

  • Using paragraph symbols: 

Discovery of content on the page is possible, by a display of paragraph marks and symbols of formatting.  

  • View the empty page of yours, for symbols, particularly the paragraph mark ¶ 
  • Selecting the symbol and deletion of it also deletes the unwanted page.

If your empty page is located in the center of the document, then it might be generated by a manual page break. With the section mark on, you will be able to see the page break; select it and delete it. 

  • Get rid of the troubles of the tables:

Sometimes people do this kind of mistake,  placed a table placed at the end of the document, then word will automatically insert a paragraph after it which sometimes leads to a blank page at the end. You cannot delete it for your sake, what you can do is that you can make the table extra smaller so that it cannot be shown as a different page itself.  

  • When the paragraph mark turned on, you need to select the statement symbol and you can change the font size to 1 point. It can be a very effective way to get rid of unwanted black pages. It compresses your file size.
  • If still a paragraph mark is seen, you can change the spacing around it.
  1. You can select the symbol of paragraphs
  2. Visit the paragraph section and start the paragraph formatting dialogue box by clicking the pop-out icon in the lower right corner of the Font area. It will open a new tab for you.
  3. On the Indent and Spacing tab, change any spacing before or after the paragraph to 0.
  4. Also, you can try to adjust the line spacing to 0.
  5. Next click ok.

If the above two options do not work, you can also hide the paragraph.

  1. Just you have to select the paragraph symbol.
  2. Begin the Font dialogue box by clicking the same pop-out icon in the Font section on the HOME tab
  3. Select the HIDDEN checkbox in the Effects section and click ok.

Concluding Note

In this article, we have defined various ways to delete a blank page in Microsoft Word. In case of unnecessary word documents, you only gather lots of junk files that occupied unnecessary spaces on disk. However, you can easily get rid of this annoying obstacles if you go through the entire article properly. Similarly, you can increase the efficiency of the Microsoft package with ease. On the other hand, this content will definitely help you a lot to enhance the processor cycles within a short period. Even, you can effectively overcome all the troublesome by filter out the essential Microsoft files and access your documents without any hassle. 

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