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How To Cancel Xbox Game Pass? – The Best Guide

cancel xbox game pass

How to cancel Xbox Game Pass In case you’re one of them, who are given to gaming on an exceptional level, at that point claiming Xbox Games Pass is the unknown to extreme greatness for you. In this article, you will become more acquainted with how to cancel Xbox game pass.

Our mate Microsoft frequently expresses that their extraordinary Xbox Game Pass offers over 100s of games to us, until this point in time, and for what? 

With the monthly subscription of Xbox games, the user has admittance to a depository of games. 

You can likewise get the Xbox Beta application to investigate the significant library of PC games and peruse the surveys with respect to each game. 

This encourages you in getting references and setting up new game cautions, for whenever around.


Xbox game pass unsubscribe 


There is another alternative of the Xbox Game Passversatile application to peruse and download games to your console of Xbox One that to from any part of the world. 

In this article, we will make sure that by the end of it, you will know the process of xbox game pass unsubscribes.  

In case you’re searching for approaches to drop your membership gaming Pass – you have gone to the perfect spot, 

It is simpler to drop the setting through your Microsoft account settings under “Services and Subscriptions”. 

We are giving basic snippets of data sewed together here with respect to Xbox Game pass unsubscribe and as an expansion, the technique for sabotaging the auto-recharging highlight as well.


Know your Xbox game pass


Unlike Microsoft, who charges you a significant amount of money every month for games for a single game, Xbox does not do this. 

In fact, with Xbox Game pass subscription, the user can have access to several games. relying upon if you download and play any of them. 

If you have access to Xbox Games Pass, you can not only download nearly 200 games but also play them on your console. 

Moreover, for a similar price the user ( if you subscribe to Xbox) gets access to Xbox Live Gold, Project XCloud and Xbox Game pass for PC.

If you require putting an end to the recurring charges, first, you have to ensure that you have removed your Xbox Game Pass agreement when you’re no longer interested.


Pursuing an Xbox Game Pass, utilizing a Xbox One record is straightforward.


Be that as it may, Microsoft didn’t really make it simple for us to drop it like in a similar simple peasy way. 

It resembles entering Alice’s Wonderland, you can arrive with no complaint, however, when you need to restore, it won’t be fundamentally simple. 

Dropping Game Pass takes after chopping your Xbox Live assistance down. 

Since in both the cases, you can utilize your Xbox One presence to change your installment plan, however, there is no alternative for you and for your reassurance to end the membership, seriously.


Why does the process of Xbox Game Pass unsubscribe not working? 


One of the major reasons for the inability of a user to terminate the Xbox game pass is because it is paused or has a past-due balance. 

So if you are not paying your subscription fee monthly, your service can be temporarily disabled. 

Getting rid of an Xbox Game Pass subscription is not so easy. The only way to do this is by using the web portal of Microsoft. 

The Xbox support page can be utilized for canceling or turning off monthly fee payment. 


What occurs while you are canceling your Xbox game pass? 


Aftermath – Xbox game pass unsubscribe


There are two types of canceling of Xbox Gaming Pass subscription when you’re into Xbox Gaming, and each of them results in distinct consequences:

  1. Removing the Xbox Game Pass – When you are canceling your gaming subscription, you hold the benefit to acquire a partial refund or completely end your Xbox gaming subscription when it just has fallen out.
  2. Setting the auto-renewal off – And if you are putting an end to the recurring billing on your subscription, Microsoft automatically cancels the auto-renewal whenever your subscription runs out.

After the process of  Xbox Game Pass unsubscribes doesn’t impact any of the accomplishments you procured while playing the free form of the games, and you will likewise not miss any advancement you got in playing the games. 

On the off chance that your psyche changes later, in later and you went to the judgment that you’re buying in once more, 

It will be without a doubt feasible for you to continue from a similar spot, where you left off as long as your store the entirety of the information and the information is open on your support or even in the cloud. 

On the off chance that you are choosing to purchase an advanced or corporal duplicate of a game that you simply have begun while bought in to Xbox Game Pass, a similar grand thing will be applied for that game as well. 

It will empower you to keep up the very playing where you took off.


Don’t worry, just play


Even if your Xbox Game Pass subscription terminates ( x box game pass unsubscribe ), the game will remain installed in your system even if your xbox game pass subscription terminates.

So to continue with it, the user will have to resubscribe (the entire game).

The user must also keep in mind that you will lose access to all the games, even the downloaded ones, once the xbox game pass subscription ceases. 

While canceling Xbox Game Pass there are also some possibilities that the user may be prevented from playing any kind of digital copies of the same. 

This is, however, very rare, you may even get blocked from playing any kind of corporal or digital copies of the Game Pass games that you own.

If these issues ever, immediately contact the Microsoft customer support


Steps to Xbox Game Pass Unsubscribe 


Before going into any further discussions, there are a few stipulations that are worth considering.

The first one is the fact that was said earlier. Gamers will not be able to withdraw their Xbox Gaming Pass if the payment is delayed or has a past-due balance.

The second thing to consider is that prepaid subscriptions cannot be eliminated; they terminate automatically at the tip of the subscription term.

The process about how to cancel Xbox game pass followed by this following steps:

Step – 1

The very first thing is to open your preferred web browser and navigate to the site:

This will lead you to an Xbox Live sign-in screen.

Step – 2

Please enter the email address you have provided earlier. Make sure it is associated with your Xbox Live account.

Then you have to click on the “Next” button.

Step – 3

On the next screen that appears, enter the password linked with your Xbox Live account.

Make sure you have entered the correct email address and corresponding password,

Now you are at your Xbox Live account Home screen.

Step – 4

Click the image which was associated with your Xbox Live presence that appears in the exact upper right position of the screen.

This leads to the appearance of a drop-down menu.

Step – 5

Click on the “subscriptions” button in the list of options from the drop-down menu.

The services and subscription screen appears.

Step – 6

The next thing to do is to locate your Xbox Game Pass subscriptions.

Just click on the “Manage” from the Xbox Game Pass section. A screen will be displayed in no time with more detailed information added with your Xbox Game Pass subscription.

Step – 7

Click “Cancel” to the right of the Xbox Game Pass in the Payment Settings section.

A dialogue box appears instantly, asking if you’re sure of your choice of canceling your subscription. Your Xbox Game Pass subscription will get expired in a bit.

Additionally, it also tells you when your

Step – 8

Finally, click on the blue-colored “Confirm Cancellation” button, if you’re sure you want your Xbox to be canceled.

Another screen shows up informing the user that you won’t be charged again for your Xbox Game Pass membership. 

Then again, you’ll again be indicated the date when you will lose admittance to the Xbox Game Pass administration.


Click on the blue “Back to subscriptions” button to return to the detailed Xbox Game 

Pass information screen, where you’ll now see that recurring billing for the service has been turned off, along with the date when the service will expire.

“Congratulations to you! Now you know how to cancel Xbox game passes and will have to deal with one less headache!”


Steps for disabling xbox auto-renewal


Another viable path for you to drop the perfect Xbox Game Pass is killing the auto-recharging 

This can be a serious splendid choice in the event that you think you are not, at this point drew in with your Game Pass before the lapse of your present membership period since it holds the membership from restoring naturally. 


On the off chance that you’ve arrived at the finish of your membership period, you’re actually keen on messing around particularly from the administration, you should simply go for resubscribing for stretching out your support of a more broadened period.

We are providing the ultimate manual guide of how to make auto-renewal go away from Xbox Game Pass so that you can keep your game on without any sorts of surprise debits later on.

  1. Open your browser and rightfully navigate to
  2. Then sign in to your existing Microsoft account by typing the associated email address and the correct password.
  3. Next, you ought to navigate to the Xbox Game Pass services and subsection page.
  4. Click on the “Manage” On the right side.
  5. Click on the “Change” button.
  6. Just make the Selection on the “Turn off recurring billing.”
  7. Just choose the option which reads “Confirm cancellation.”

Xbox game pass refund


It is the xbox Chatbot which helps you to get back xbox game pass refund. Sometimes, money can be debited even when it is not supposed to.

So to get the xbox game pass refund, the chatbot can assist you. 


Also after you cancel the subscription, you can opt for an xbox game pass refund. You just need to request an xbox game pass refund. 


Conclusion – How To Cancel Xbox Game Pass?


How to cancel Xbox Game Pass? – We know, gaming is very crucial to you, but not at the cost of lifetime savings. 

This article was written while keeping your benefits in mind and hope that now you understand how to cancel XBox Game Pass. 

This article has excellently delivered steps to unsubscribe the game as well as the info on Xbox game pass refund. 

We hope from now on, you’ll be able to cancel prior game pass subscriptions in just wink of an eye.

If you find this article helpful, do not forget to share your comments. Now cancel the Xbox game with the help of our article How to Cancel Xbox Game pass.

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