How The Chill Benji NFT Project Was Created

In the burgeoning field of NFT projects, Chill Benji stands apart. This collection of 10,000 3D artworks with 6 rarity traits is closely related to the name of Benjamin Franklin, one of the Founding Fathers of the United States, and the mysterious GSD. This collection comes from the real life of Benjamin Franklin, but not the American president. Another Benjamin Franklin now calls himself Chill Benji to distinguish himself from his great predecessor. But he also wants to live up to his name and offers a solid and large-scale project in which he realizes his ideas about the community and his diverse life experiences. But at the same time, Chill Benji does not want to seem like a bore, because his slogan is “What a chill life!”

This project was born not on paper or screen, but in the life of Chill Benji himself. A scientist and fashionista, he has long been engaged in sciences and inventions. He states that it was he who invented working from home, bifocals. essential oils, and the lightning rod. Maybe this is inaccurate. What is known for sure is that Chill Benji, after some inventions and his scientific work, decided to travel and become a travel influencer. It turned out that it is difficult for him to remain unrecognized on the streets of the cities throughout the world. He was recognized everywhere, according to him, he quickly made friends, but because of this, his articles for the travel column turned out to be not quite truthful, as he likes. In order to be unrecognized as longer as possible, Chill Benji used a lot of different clothes. Thus, a large wardrobe of fashionable clothes and accessories was formed, corresponding to the most different countries and peoples. This is how the Chill Benji NFTs collection was created.

Collectible NFTs are a good investment, but only if the images are truly unique and the community built is large. Both of these components are present in the Chill Benji NFTs collection. With an extensive wardrobe staffed after traveling around the world, 10,000 NFTs are minted pegged to unique 3D artworks with 6 rarity traits. They can be traded on marketplaces like OpenSea. The higher the rarity of an NFT, the higher its price can be. Rarity increases as the community grow, that is why Chill Benji is making efforts to build a strong and trust-driven community. These are not just words and intentions. He has developed a program of incentives and benefits for NFT-holders. This program has both options familiar to users, as well as very special ones that are not found in any other project. The usual options are:

– Random airdrops for Chill Benji holders;

– A minimum 15% discount on all Chill Benji merchandise.

For the committed fans and advanced participants in the NFT market, there are several specific benefits. Among them:

– whitelist opportunities into upcoming collections;

– pre-sale pricing on future collections;

– the opportunity to express their wishes to Chill Benji for future projects;

– and even special requests or custom Chill Benji projects.

Who is GSD?

As for the upcoming collections, they may be related to another Chill Benji real life story. Traveling in Europe, in Germany, he saw someone whose ability to chill out even surpassed his own. It was a German Shepherd puppy dog, who seemed to be a stray. The dog was loafing around with a few other strays, and it was in the true chill out mode. That’s why Chill Benji fell in love with the little pup and decided to adopt him, and called him ‘GSD’, short for ‘German Shepherd Dog’. It was love at first sight, they are now inseparable and traveled back to America together, lounging on ornate day beds. It’s highly likely that the next Chill Benji NFT collection will be connected to GSD, who has become his bosom friend as he grows. That’s just like Chill Benji, because his first collection of 3D artworks came from real life.

So what makes the Chill Benji NFTs collection stand out? The fact is that it was prompted by the very life of an outstanding person with a famous name and rich life experience. Chill Benji is also very interested in creating a massive community around the world, which he traveled far and wide. This means that 10,000 3D artworks with 6 rarity traits will be soon in great demand and their price will rise.

The Chill Benji team also is worthy of mention. Those in charge of the project’s creation, art, and future developments are masters of their craft. They’re all equally invested in and passionate about the project’s success. Everyone can join them.







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