How the age and gender of a player affects luck during online gambling games?

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  1. General statistics of casino visitors
  2. Some statistics – how the age and gender of a player affects luck
  3. Statistical Examples
  4. The effect of gender on luck in gambling games

To begin with, all players should be divided into two categories: young and old. In this vein, it is much easier to track the statistics of online casino visits and winnings for specific age groups. Firstly, only people over 18 years old (in some countries it’s 21) can play gambling and this rule applies in all countries. Secondly, you can turn to social research, which, for example, in the UK suggests that old age begins after 35 years. According to UN rules, youth – people whose age in the range of 15 to 24 years, but this is a bit outdated information. If you focus on the latest data and project information on online gambling websites with money withdrawal, then young players will have the range of 18 to 35 years old, old players – 35-65 +.

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General statistics of casino visitors

A lot of statistical analysis was conducted in the world, which showed players’ age which most often participate in online gambling. For men, this indicator stopped at around 35-65 + years. Accordingly, most of the “old” players can be found in the casino. For women, these data are slightly different, 45-65 +, the women only in old age begin to prefer casinos.

Some statistics – how the age and gender of a player affects luck

If we consider who gambles more often, girls or men, then here the indicators are approximately equal, but there are slightly more men involved in this type of entertainment. According to the latest data, 60% of casino visitors are men and 40% are women (these stats can be applied to online gambling games as well, rough estimates are pretty same).

Statistical Examples

To understand whether age and gender affect luck, you need to consider only those games in which the victory is more influenced by a chance, but experience and skills are also required. The most suitable example is poker. Back in 2012, a study was conducted when scientists took 300 poker fans of different ages and sexes and gave them the opportunity to play Texas Hold’em with the initially prepared combinations. Winning combinations of cards were the same. As a result, it turned out that there wasn’t much difference between the young and old players, as for gender, then the percentage of victories was almost the same.

If you look globally, you can evaluate the list of winners of the most prestigious poker tournament in the World Series of Poker. In the period from 2005 to 2007 inclusively, exclusively old players won, their age was around 37-40 years. From 2008 to the present day, all the lucky ones mostly young people, among the winners no one had more than 27 years old. The youngest winner in 2009 was Joe Cada, who at that time turned 21.

You can pay attention to such popular entertainment as bets. In this case, young people also win, because the most famous betting enthusiasts in their best years were up to 25 years old. Moreover, with age, it was noticed that their predicted results began to deteriorate.

The effect of gender on luck in gambling games

For this indicator, there are no statistics confirming the success in online gambling of men or women. The only thing that can be said is that much more women in adulthood begin to play on slot machines and actively visit online casinos. The reasons, according to experts, are as follows:

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  • People are looking for a new occupation. They are indifferent to victories and defeats – this is just a fun pastime;
  • Girls like the expectation of victory. They enjoy the noise in the casino, especially because of their persona;
  • Some ladies just want to win. This category goes to the casino for prey and thinks only about it, often these are poor girls;
  • Wealth women are just coming to relax. By gambling women spend leisure time and relieve stress.

Given all the above data, we can only say that over time there will be more young people in the online casinos. Moreover, among the “old” players there will be more women than men. Age and gender do not affect luck, because these are the individual characteristics of each individual person.

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