How SafeMoon (SAFEMOON) and Big Eyes (BIG) Could Become Crypto Giants

It has been a rough year for digital finance and the most recent crypto market crash has left an impact on most currencies, as the price values of most tokens are considerably lower than usual.

But the volatility of the crypto market is not something new to enthusiasts. Now that we have entered the crypto winter and notoriously expensive market-leading crypto tokens are selling for cheaper, this might be your opportunity to make a lot of money.

Buying crypto tokens for cheaper when the market is red and the price values have fallen considerably, means that you can sell the coins for a higher price when the market is green again.

Both SafeMoon and Big Eyes are selling for a premium price and these tokens might be the ones to rejuvenate your crypto wallet considerably.

Big Eyes (BIG) is Bringing Back the Meme Token Hype

Big Eyes is a new crypto project that is yet to be priced in the market and is in its presale. The network bills itself as an irresistible ‘cute’ community-focused cryptocurrency that takes the design of a cat with big animated eyes.

The network comprises an ecosystem where community members and users can interact in virtual reality, as well as profit with Big Eyes NFTs.

More so, becoming a part of the community means that you can also join the NFT Sushi Crew and gain access to a combination of products, events, and services.

Although the platform has a variety of assets, the main asset of the Big Eyes platform is the BIG Token. Similar to Shiba Inu, this cryptocurrency can be described as a meme and community token and these tend to do well in the market.

However, BIG stands out from the other meme coins in the market as the token is cat-inspired and not dog-themed.

One other benefit of the Big Eyes network is that it is innovation-focused. The blockchain ecosystem can self-propagate for hypergrowth with the help of NFTs.

SafeMoon (SAFEMOON) to Launch New Exciting Projects

Launched in 2021, SafeMoon is a decentralised finance platform with three main trading functions. These are Reflection, LP Acquisition, and Burn.

But Safemoon is big on pushing innovation forward and has announced that a project is under the works. The platform intends to create a non-fungible token (NFT) exchange, charity projects, and educational apps.

SafeMoon will also be designing a coin launchpad that enables community members to create their own cryptocurrencies via the platform.

One of SafeMoon’s other advantages is that SAFEMOON token holders can earn more SAFEMOON tokens, depending on the number of coins they have.

The SAFEMOON Token might be a great acquisition for your crypto wallet whilst recovering from the crypto winter, and your best opportunity might be to buy these tokens before the launch of the project. The BIG Token is still in its presale and you can now get it for a premium price.

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