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How Mohammed Hadi Is Making The World A Better Place With Oreo Studio

In June of 2018, Mohammed Hadi along with a few friends of his became a proud co-founder of Oreo Studio. It is a global digital design and development company located in Sylhet, Bangladesh also operating in the United Kingdom, China and Kenya.

Already a proud member and founder of “Sylheti Boyz”, a charitable organisation involved with social work and social justice in Bangladesh. 

The sky is not the limit for Mohammed.

We go in-depth of his character, life, and personality and find out more about Mohammed Hadi.

About Mohammed Hadi:

Personally, Mohammed is a highly motivated & proactive individual with a high energy level, He is always inclined to the creation of new ideas, constant learning & innovative solutions. Consequently, along with his academic development, he has especially paid attention to the development of his analytical, collaboration, management, communication and presentation skills and he believes that is key to his future success.

Mohammed is an expert at handling digital assets and projects. During his academic year he worked with many projects, such as Breast Cancer Detection and Classification using Neural Network Matlab, Bicycle Rental on King’s College London Campuses, Smart Parking System using IoT, Voice-based reminder application “RedMe”, built an E-Commerce prototype software using Software Requirement Analysis.

In the last 2 years, Oreo Studio had worked with many international clients. It had also helped many companies, restaurants, real estate agents, property management companies, institutions, and organizations to build their websites, applications, and digital products.

He is a shining example of a 21st – century entrepreneur who is becoming successful by making various digital applications available online. The intention is to bring awareness to those sections of the society that need it the most.

Mohammed works at Oreo Studio as a Co-Founder and a Project Coordinator. His role is communicating with clients to identify and define project requirements, scope, and objectives as well as effectively managing an enthusiastic team of over 16 members in 4 locations in 4 countries.

From a very young age, Mohammed Hadi had a wish to search out many more avenues of creating various sources of income for people who unfortunately are not as privileged.

In the last 10 years, Sylheti Boyz was helping the poor, destitute, and disadvantaged people in various ways. It was firmly committed to building a shelter for the uprooted people. 

Mohammed Hadi says that the digital world is evolving at such a fast rate and it fosters a huge and multitude of opportunities for growth for everyone. The best part about the internet, the serial entrepreneur has added, is that the true belief of the 21st-century in inclusivity and unison, there is no filter attached for a person to be from a particular background to have access to the entirety of the internet.

Mohammed Hadi was born and raised in Bangladesh. He recently graduated from the University of East London in 2020. He has also been nominated for the Entrepreneur of the Year 2020 award.

Mohammed Hadi is also passionate about helping people from different backgrounds to leverage modern digital assets and marketplaces to make millions. He believes that it is one’s duty to help the less fortunate or less skilled and that it is the only way modern society can progress into utopia. The serial entrepreneur has utilized the shifts in the digital space to create a life of freedom and he has turned his personal brand into a leveraged asset.

We asked Mohammed, to talk about his recent projects;

He says that he’s currently working with 3 different products. Using AI technology he’s building software for the Stock Market which will enable investors to identify patterns, predict price movements, and trade on its own. As we know about the most recent issue which has been a talk of the town for years after years and recently a series of rapes has sparked a widespread controversy across Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan. Mohammed Hadi along with his enthusiastic team has come up with a solution for that. They are launching an emergency location sharing application named “Locate Me” which will allow users to send their live location to their beloved ones and nearest people when they are in trouble.  

As an entrepreneur, my job is not only solving the business problem but also assisting to create new opportunities with the help of technology.

It seems like you have a huge interest in Artificial Intelligence and IoT:

Yes, these two fields are the most trending topics. As you know, technology is advancing faster and taking less time to be widely adopted, than ever before. AI is basically an emulation of us.

AI can give us that answer we’ve been seeking all along. Each time we create a more powerful technology, we create a bigger lever for changing the world. Artificial Intelligence can help us to feed the world population. AI is teaching the machine and the machine is becoming smarter. All out of the realm of Sci-fi and magic, it’s one of the outstanding blessings of science.

I am very sure, IoT will take the place of the tech industry. IoT technology has given us a solution. It has changed the world. The vast number of “Things” connected with “Internet” so that they can share and exchange data with other objects, called the Internet of Things or IoT. he Internet of Things is connected with devices using a built-in sensor to collect data and in some cases act it. By connecting IoT devices and machines can improve how we work. Example: In smart home IoT devices can recognize the temperature of outside and analyze what temperature needs us for our home.   

IoT affecting our daily life. Today we have more IoT connected devices than humans. The internet of Things has had significant effects on our world. Many industries started using IoT because of consumer need for real-time and it’s more responsive, improving machine and system quality on the fly. Simplify operations and find innovative ways to function as part of their digital transformation efforts. 

What’s in your future?

 We should always be optimistic about the future. In the next 10 or 15 years, we will see a huge technological revolution in the world. Technology will dominate and thus change everything. In the future, it won’t only be the competition of knowledge but also the competition of creativity and problem-solving. If you ask me what my dream is, I would say helping millions of people and solving their problems by ensuring the right usage of technology.  

Mohammed Hadi encourages everyone who he comes across to work smartly and leverage various modern digital assets and marketplaces to help others. 

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