How Lisk Grant Program is Helping Blockchain Entrepreneurs and Developers

There are many innovative blockchain projects with founders who understand the industry and what the future holds. However, only a few of these projects get to be fully market-ready because the founding team does not have the financial capacity and the right tools to scale the project. This led to some of these great projects going down the drain as the founders failed to raise the needed funds to scale the projects.

The Lisk Grant Program was created to come to the aid of founders who lack the necessary tools and financial support to make their projects a reality. The initiative makes it possible for founders like you to access funding from the prize pool of $1.3 million. Each successful project will receive 66,000 USD. The main prerequisite for this grant is that teams must build their blockchain applications using Lisk’s software development kit.

The projects selected to receive the grant will be paid in LSK tokens worth 66,000 USD. Aside from the grant, successful projects will also receive technical and marketing support from the Lisk team. Wave 4 of the Lisk Grant Program started on the 1st of January and will come to an end on the 31st of March, 2022. Therefore, there is very little time left to apply for this opportunity.

The Requirements

Minimum of 2 founding members

Each project must have a minimum of two founding members in order to be eligible for the grant. In addition, at least one of the team members should have experience building with JavaScript. If you currently don’t have a co-founder, the Lisk community is a great place to find a capable and experienced one.

Use the latest Lisk SDK

Your blockchain application should be built with the latest Lisk SDK and the code should be kept open-source. 

Pitch your idea

Once founders submit the full description of the project, idea, and their team, as well as prepare their business plan and pitch deck, the evaluation committee will check the application. If the project is selected to be part of the Grant Program, an interview for pitching the idea will be scheduled.

Project with real-world use case

Lisk is seeking projects based on ideas that can be applied in the real world and will showcase the applications of blockchain technology. Therefore, the Grant Program is a great opportunity for blockchain enthusiasts to bring their business ideas to the real world.

The areas of interest

The grant will be given to interesting projects using the Lisk SDK for their blockchain application development. In order to inspire developers, the Lisk team suggested eight different categories for all interested teams to focus on: stablecoins, blockchain bridges, smart contracts, DeFi, privacy-preserving chains, and DAOs. You can also apply even if you fail to meet any of the required categories.

Projects that have joined the program

As part of the past waves of the Lisk Grant Program, some notable projects already joined the initiative: 


It is a project that offers identity and public key infrastructure to both developers and end-users. Idntty enables anyone to create their own digital ID that only they can manage. 


Enevti is a decentralized social media NFT platform. It helps users to build an authentic relationship with their most cherished influencers.


It is a decentralized autonomous organization that supports online collaborations. Users are provided with the right tools, vital insights, and ready-made templates. Community members can exert their influence and also express their opinions and viewpoints.


Colecti is a Lisk-based NFT marketplace where you can easily create, buy, and also sell digital collectibles.


The Lisk Grant Program is undoubtedly a good foundation for early startups and blockchain enthusiasts seeking to scale with the proper support and active community. The fact that Lisk will also provide technical and marketing support to all successful projects makes it more beneficial to participate. Check out the requirements and apply

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