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How is a Website Designed to Be Safe and Functional?

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Responsiveness is one such feature for a website, the importance of which was not recognized previously. In earlier days of web designing when there were no smartphones and mobile-oriented surfing was also hand counted. The requirement was less at that time, and people didn’t give it much thought except for those rare visionaries. But slowly things evolved and changed. And today right at the time of wireframing a website, the responsive design and easy surfing features are decided for better exploring options. It’s the demand of the age and technology considering that the modern technology of web development only relies over responsive design and SEO friendly on-page site design. Many more protocols are followed among which one website security is an important one.

Just because of thinking about other flashy and marketing related features which must be there in a site, and overlooking the need for safety and precautionary measures which also must be there in the site design, many sites every year get hacked.

Responsive design or site security

When you go to a web designer, you are given many choices, some of which you understand and some you don’t. The designer knows best what they are talking about. Yet, after crossing the hurdles of understanding the technical and web design related jargons, when you finally get to know that you are asked about what kind of site you prefer, then your answer must express the concern for both looks and security.

A common mistake what most website owners and clients do while dealing with website developers is that they elaborate too much about what kind of site design and theme they are looking for, the amount of social media integration on the site, the way media files will be shared, and the intuitive site design,etc. But little do they tell about how much they believe in site security features and measures. And this is where the web developer also overlooks in such cases when they also realize that the major inclinations of the client are in looks and functionality, and not security. However, site security and a good hack proof responsive site design is a must for total security with functionality.

Why the need for hack proof site design?

The whole world is talking about looks and style, SEO friendly site design, and social media integrated design. And little do people actually bother or think about website security. But is the reality differs completely where website security is really not that important? Well, it’s just not that. Website security is much important, and in fact, many important fully functional websites with much traffic and e-commerce success rate, go through dangerous hiccups when the site suddenly one day gets hacked.

Hacking is a big problem, and if as the website owner you believe that there is nothing so sweet or important in your site to lure hackers to it, and then you are completely wrong. Websites do get hacked, and the website’s then go through serious downtime while losing their data and database. If you do not want to get into that list of hacked websites, then you must see to it that your website gets the best-secured script and codes used at the developer’s end so that its security is not vulnerable to threats.

How much does a hackcostyou?

As the website owner and the owner of the e-commercebusiness, your business and reputation online can be severely impaired by a hacked status of the site. If the site gets hacked, then you will lose data, important clients, business, reputation and all. Moreover, you may get entangled in several lawsuits by your clients who suffered losses due to the site hacking. Therefore, you face multiple problems, monetary loss, indefinite downtime of the site, and lots of harassment, which all can be prevented through the right measures which are taken a right at the time of site making.

Otherwise, the cost of a hacked site is zero, and it goes in negative too, as because the site owner spends many more to get back the site to life and action. Also, keep track of your average marketing budget.

What to do for a good site design

Hence, two things are important while designing the site. They are responsive design and a nice featured site that is mobile friendly. The next things are a hack-proof site design which makes the site totally safe and secure, and non-vulnerable to threats, thereby making it e-commerce friendly too. Another feature which is Google friendliness, or in short Google SEO friendly is also important. SEO is done to get highlighted before search engines against targeted keywords. While Google being the most used and most powerful and popular search engine definitely must be kept in mind while doing the on-page SEO for the site. The site should be made Google SEO friendly too.

Talk to your website developer, and tell about these requirements. Thisis the best you may do now to ensure site functionality, SEO, and security later and forever. And luckily all of these three things can be implemented in a site right at the time of creation, and also later when you want to upgrade the site design of any old site. And you may always get the security and SEO features integrated on a website.


Website designing is an art and also much about calculation. It’s an art when it deals with style, features, looks, theme, graphics, and design. It’s calculation when it deals in SEO, security, and safety. Hence a web developer who deals in all of them with a complete care team of developers is perhaps the right choice for your website designing and development.

You must find a designer who has a complete team to deal with all that. Hack proof site security if implemented right from the beginning will help you stay sure about safety. Again, when the site is made Google friendly from the beginning will ease the work of the SEO workers on the initial on-page they need to do on a site. Responsive design will make the site friendly for the mobile surfers.

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