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How Blockchain Will Help Amateur Investors?

Nascent stage of developments is evidence to global accelerators providing a supportive ecosystem fueling businesses and startups. It is, therefore, a great practice for financially minded people to decode the right investing opportunities.

Unlike professionals, people who are new into the world of investing are often concerned about the security and returns of their investment, and this is indeed what keeps most people away from investing in businesses.


Today the presence of blockchain technology has offered the greatest gift to unlock the collective power of an informal retail investment market.


Let’s take a look at the different ways how blockchain will help amateur investors in making profitable investment decisions.

How Blockchain Will Help Amateur Investors

A pool of Options to Choose from


As blockchain-backed platforms offer better funding opportunities, an increased number of businesses and startups will register in such platforms thus giving investors with a bigger pool of options to pick from, while choosing a business to invest.


Having many options while picking a business to invest in is helpful as investors will not feel forced while pulling business and can choose the one that interests them the most.


Multiple Investment Opportunities


Blockchain platforms offer tokens which can provide amateur investors with multiple highly-profitable investment opportunities.


URIS is one great example of such a platform. The URIS tokens can be bought and used to invest in businesses seeking funding within the platform. At the same time, URIS tokens are an investment by themselves, as URIS tokens will be invested by venture capitalists and professional investors in potential startups listed in the platform.


This, in turn, offers less experienced investors multiple opportunities to make a profit without doing much hard work.


Opportunity to Invest in Local and Foreign Businesses


There are lots of profitable businesses and startups being set up in emerging economies. However, it is often quite difficult for amateur investors to find and fund such overseas businesses.


As blockchain is an entirely decentralised technology, investors can buy tokens within a blockchain-backed investment platform and use it to fund businesses anywhere in the world. This helps as no additional fee has to be paid for foreign investments and investors do not have to worry about any geopolitical barriers as well.

How Can Investors Help Build Better Blockchain Investment Platforms?

URIS is one of the best blockchain-backed investment platforms out there and is continually trying to bring improvements in the features and interface of the platform to provide better functionality and experience to investors.


Investors can freely approach the team behind URIS and other blockchain-backed platforms and give them feedback on how valuable the platform is and how the platform can be improved to provide a better experience to targeted end users.


As both end users and developers work hand in hand, blockchain-backed investment platforms will surely be able to revolutionalize how startups and businesses around the world raise funding and how investors improve and diversify their investments.

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