How Blockchain Technology can Trigger Much-Needed Ecological Change

The Amazon rainforest is the largest globally, and it represents half of the entire planet’s rainforests. It covers an area of 5.5 million square kilometers, and it comprises the world’s largest and most biodiverse tract of tropical rainforest.

It is also being cut down by an alarming rate, with nearly 25.4 million hectares of forest cut down in 2020 alone. 

This is just one example of how our planet direly needs ecological change. To make that happen, consumers and corporations from all over the world need to band together to enforce this change. 

What is MCO2? And How can it Help?

Moss is the world’s largest carbon platform that is actively fighting to save Mother Earth by using its MCO2 token. It is also the largest carbon credit tokenization project in history, which is quite an achievement, given that it was founded in Q1 2020. In those eight months, the project has achieved much more than any other climate-oriented initiative in history.

Simply put, MOSS is an environmental platform that provides carbon credit transactions to companies and individuals who are willing to offset their carbon footprint in a modern manner.

As mentioned, the project is less than a year old, but it has already established itself as the largest trader of voluntary carbon credits in Brazil while also being one of the largest carbon credit platforms globally.

Since it was established, it has bought/sold over 900 thousand tons of CO2, further illustrating how viable blockchain technology is for this particular purpose. 

The project sent as much as $10 million in proceeds to Amazon rainforest conservation projects in only 8 months through token sales. These sales made by MOSS pays for REDD + environmental projects that, through their sustainable activities, jointly protect and preserve an area of approximately 1 million hectares.

This is the largest amount that was ever sent to Amazon conservation projects by a private player, so it can be said that the project has been performing extremely well so far.

At the same time, this only represents the first step along the way. Helping out with the Amazon deforestation issue is just one of the projects MOSS aims to support in the future. Several projects are on the list to be added to the team’s initiatives. When consumers and companies around the globe come together for these conservation efforts, real change will occur sooner rather than later. 

Details About the MCO2 Token

As mentioned, MOSS has created the MCO2 token, which is currently listed, since August 2020, on the FlowBTC crypto exchange. The token and its blockchain-based code were audited by multiple credible companies, including CertiK and Perkins Cole, while some firms — such as EY and Armanino — are conducting their own audits right now.

The MOSS team’s main point of focus is how the MCO2 Token can enable others to innovate and create new applications for carbon credits. The team has designed the token structure to be extremely simple, as they believe that the token could become a building block or a foundation in token parlance. 

Becoming the Winds of Change

MOSS’ website and ecosystem let anyone safely acquire tokenized carbon credits to offset their carbon footprint. The company’s prominent size ensures it can meet consumer demand and fulfill any requests from major corporations looking to embrace a carbon-neutral approach. This includes entities such as Microsoft, Shell, and Saudi Aramco, among others. 

By turning an inefficient and insecure carbon credit market into a modern and digital platform anyone can interface with, MOSS has done the world a big favor. MCO2, which acts as a utility token, has given the team the chance to achieve a 20% global market share for carbon credit. Further validation of why this industry needed to evolve from its analog state into something more modern. 

MOSS is already changing the world, so what are you waiting for? 

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