Hodlnaut – The Best Way to Earn Interest on your Crypto

Cryptocurrencies are often touted as great investments, but their value depends on quite a volatile market. A popular way to make money with them is by selling them at a profit.


But why not earn interest on your crypto instead? It’s just like keeping your money in a bank account, except you’re earning more. Hodlnaut helps you do exactly that.

What is Hodlnaut?

Hodlnaut is a crypto lending and borrowing platform that allows you to earn competitive interest rates of up to 13.86% on your crypto assets.


The platform is easy to use and makes it simple for you to deposit your crypto into an interest account. If you HODL Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, Hodlnaut is the best way to grow your crypto by earning interest. 


Its mission is to provide a simple and intuitive platform for users to earn with digital assets and the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has also granted Hodlnaut an in-principle approval (IPA) for a Major Payment Institution License in Singapore under the Payment Services Act (PS Act) for its Token Swap feature.

The company aims to help investors to diversify their investments across many different tokens and achieve greater return on investment on their digital assets.

Hodlnaut Background

Juntao Zhu and Simon Lee, known as Bitcoin maximalists, created Hodlnaut in Singapore in April 2019. Hodlnaut’s total AUM was USD 1 million in April 2020. However, Hodlnaut now has an AUM of over $500 million. The platform has also expanded dramatically, from over 100 users in 2019 to over 10,000 currently. The team has now expanded to over 40 people at the Singapore office and other remote sites around Asia.


The Cryptocurrencies Supported by Hodlnaut


The platform aims to provide a holistic solution to the problems faced by cryptocurrency investors and traders and to increase the adoption of cryptocurrency by creating a user-friendly, intuitive and seamless experience. Hodlnaut has built the simplest and most transparent way for everyone to earn up to 13.86% APY on the following currencies:

  • BTC

  • ETH

  • USDC

  • USDT

  • DAI

  • UST 

  • LUNA

  • WBTC




Hodlnaut Features

Deposits & Payouts with Hodlnaut

Store your crypto with Hodlnaut and receive weekly payouts directly to your wallet. There are no lock-in periods or minimum deposits. If you want your coins back, withdraw them at any time.

Hodlnaut Interest Calculator

With the platform’s interest calculator, you can calculate the interest you would get from a specific currency and the amount deposited at that time. 

How to use the Hodlnaut Interest Calculator?

All you need to do is enter the amount of crypto you want to deposit, select the coin/token of your choice and select the duration of that period. The total interest, which includes the compounding effect, will be displayed instantly!


This feature comes in really handy as it allows people to determine how much they would earn from lending their coins. Hodlnaut aims to make the crypto lending process easier, by enabling borrowers to save time and money.



Token Swap

The token swap feature allows the HODLer to swap an asset for another. It is beneficial when you want to diversify your assets, especially in a situation where one of your assets is not performing well and you want to replace it with a better performer.


Hodlnaut allows you to immediately execute transactions between any of the supported assets. Without ever leaving the Hodlnaut platform, you may manage your portfolio and rebalance your asset holdings.


1- To have Hodlnaut Tokens swapped, you will need to visit the dashboard page and log in with your details.


2- Select the coin you want to swap to from the dropdown menu on the right. The conversion rate will show at the bottom of the page. Click confirm to continue.


3- If you’re content with the price, click “Continue”. Then, enter the amount of currency you want to exchange.


4-Make your purchase. Finally, review your order details and click “Confirm” to complete your purchase.


Fixed-term Deposit

Earn a higher yield with Hodlnaut’s Fixed Term Deposits by simply locking in your cryptocurrency for a minimum of 28 days. The Interest is then paid out directly to your Hodlnaut wallet on the date of maturity at 5:30 pm (GMT +8).


The Fixed Term Deposit feature allows users to deposit their crypto into Hodlnaut for a fixed period of time in order to receive higher interest rates as compared to a normal account that Hodlnaut offers.


In contrast to the existing Open Term Deposit, this feature allows retail customers to deposit any amount and receive greater interest rates by locking up their crypto assets with Hodlnaut. The following are the fixed-term interest rates.


*Rates are subject to fluctuation based on market conditions. Fixed deposits that have already been locked in will be honoured at the rates that were in effect at the time of lock-in.


How Can You Start Earning from Hodlnaut?

To start earning, all you need to do is sign up with Hodlnaut. Once done, you can choose which digital asset to deposit into your Hodlnaut account and instantly start earning interest on it!


To sign up for the Hodlnaut platform, all you need is an email address and pass the KYC verification procedure. Once you’ve signed up, you can deposit any of the 8 supported cryptocurrencies into your Hodlnaut account. These accounts are flexible and allow you to deposit and withdraw at any time.


Can You Trust Hodlnaut?

Hodlnaut is compliant with the highest industry standards and you can rest assured that your funds are secured and insured from the moment you deposit them with Hodlnaut.


It is a non-custodial platform that provides users with the ability to earn interest on their crypto holdings by lending them out to other counterparties in a secured manner. 

Hodlnaut takes security as its top priority. It employs an array of security protocols to prevent unauthorized access to your Hodlnaut account and funds. They have merged an easy-to-use platform with 2 Factor Authentication, withdrawal whitelist & email verification to create an environment where you can grow your crypto portfolio without any hassle.

Hodlnaut also does not use hot wallets, which are subject to internet assaults. Instead, the platform employs Fireblocks’ multi-party computation wallet system, with each user receiving a unique address produced by Fireblocks. When cryptocurrencies are deposited with Hodlnaut using the unique address provided to users, they are received via the secure wallet infrastructure of Fireblocks. 


This enables users to earn high annual percentage yields (APYs) without having to lock their funds away for long periods of time.

Secure Funds with Nexus Mutual’s Custody Cover

Nexus Mutual and Hodlnaut have partnered to offer optional Nexus Mutual Custody Cover on all deposits. Nexus Mutual allows users to earn rewards by providing a smart contract cover.

This means that if something goes wrong with Hodlnaut’s infrastructure, you can make a claim against Nexus Mutual so that you can safely get covered.

Users that buy custody insurance will have their funds safeguarded against the following risks:


  • Your custodian is hacked, and you lose more than 10% of your assets. 

  • Withdrawals from the custodian are suspended for more than 90 days. 


The product is applicable to any token or combination of tokens that users hold in their Hodlnaut account. In the event of a claim, users will get the equivalent of their assets in ETH or DAI, up to the insured amount, based on the bought cover.


The Bottom Line

Hodlnaut is amongst the fastest growing companies with over $500 Million AUM (assets under management) with a terrific month-on-month growth average.

Their team comprises individuals from diverse backgrounds. With range and depth of experience, they are committed to providing the highest level of service to their clients.

The company believes in the fundamentals of cryptocurrencies and how they can shape the future and they are dedicated to making this future a reality.

Hodlnaut is the best way to invest in your future. Sign up today and start earning compounding interest on your crypto deposits.

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