Hi, The World’s First Community-Powered Digital Currency That Provides Instant Transactions Through Social Messengers

"Hi Dollar" Token to Create Services for Large-Scale Adoption 

Hi is a mobile service designed to be interoperable across all existing internet players and strives to become the catalyst for global financial inclusion. Best of all, there is no new mobile app to download to get started. Hi is a web app and Hi Dollars (HI) is an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain, which allows Hi to be everywhere that people already spend their money.

Technical View

Recently the crypto hit the $1 mark and is now trading at $1.24

It aims to become a global standard for mobile money interoperability through the creation of the world’s first Mobile Money Network where all internet companies can offer Hi services and automatically become financial partners within the network without any cut.

Taking On-Balance-Volume is a cumulative total of the trading volume of an asset, the trading volume of the previous days, it is clear that increasing OBV means more buyers are willing to purchase the asset at the trading price. 

The trading volume was $1,787,662.15 that increased by more than 25% in the last 24 Hours.

You may deposit your Hi Dollars into Earnings and earn up to a 40 percent APY, as well as extra Bonuses based on your Membership Level. This is a low-risk investment that offers excellent earnings regardless of the term length you choose.

When one looks at a trend-based indicator, the Average Directional Index (ADX), the chart shows that it has an AD of greater than 50, implying that it is an indication of a strong trend with regards to its longevity. Hi Dollars price was $1.00 that increased by 42% to its current value of Hi Dollars today. Hi has a market capitalization of $704,664,697.80 and Hi is traded on cryptocurrency exchanges around the world.

Hi will develop a complete infrastructure from other Hi-projects from HiPay to HiWallet giving users an easy way to create accounts in all supported fiat currencies so they can convert money with just one click. Hi aims to be used as both an alternative payment system and digital currency across the web and at brick-and-mortar retail locations through integration with existing POS systems. Hi wants people everywhere to have access to affordable financial services without having to rely on banks or traditional financial institutions that charge high fees for basic transactions.

Hi could turn out to be a new gem in the crypto world. The whitepaper grabs the attention:\


Current Offerings on Chat Messengers

Users may also send money to one another by simply letting the recipient know their username or phone number in a chat messenger and conducting the transaction immediately.

Hi services will not just be accessible via the web app ( and native mobile app (coming soon), but will also be accessible on a variety of widely used social media and communication channels, ensuring that a large number of people across the world can use our solutions with minimal inconvenience.

Coming Soon

Hi intends to provide members with fiat currency and digital currency conversions at mid-market rates, as well as, free transfers to other hi members through some of the world’s most popular social media messengers. Hi will also work towards providing access to a broader range of services for its members in collaboration with other licensed financial institutions.

Deposits and withdrawals for cryptocurrencies are now live, but they will soon be expanded to include fiat as well. Additionally, cash deposits and pickup at partner convenience stores and money exchanges may be available. Not only that, Credit card purchases of cryptocurrencies can be made directly on 

Hi is bringing in a revolution. It’s P2P cryptocurrency that aims to create services based on blockchain technology. The membership in this ecosystem is composed of stakeholders, and the business is dedicated to increasing member value, not profits.

Invite only, get hi now. ?

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