“Hi Dollar” Token to Create Services for Large-Scale Adoption 

"Hi Dollar" Token to Create Services for Large-Scale Adoption 

Hi is a mobile service that aims to be the driver for global financial inclusion by being interoperable with all existing internet players. Best of all, there’s no need to download a new app to get started. Hi is a web application, and Hi Dollars (HI) is an ERC20 cryptocurrency on the Ethereum blockchain, allowing Hi to be spent. Hi Dollar (HI), the not-for-profit fintech’s membership and utility token, has gone live as its membership base surpasses 650,000 in less than three months of existence.

A member of the company is working on a project called Huobi Token that utilizes blockchain technology to create services that are community-driven. The members of this ecosystem are the key stakeholders, and the business is focused on increasing member value rather than profit generation. Their first product is a digital wallet that offers users the most seamless payment experience possible via social networking sites (initially Telegram and WhatsApp, next LINE, Facebook Messenger, and others).

Development of the Platform Is in Full Swing

The Hi website offers details on the company’s services, expenses, incentives, rewards, The hi Protocol, a clear road map, and a whitepaper that describes the platform’s phased development. Purchasing, holding, or utilizing cryptographic tokens carries significant financial, legal, and other dangers, including the potential loss of all of your money. The items and services offered by “hi” are subject to regulatory limitations.

Certain products, features, and/or services may be prohibited in certain jurisdictions due to possible or actual regulations. Individuals domiciled in or purchasing from the United States of America are not permitted to participate, either directly or indirectly, in this Token Sale.

hi is using blockchain technology to create services that are community-powered. The members of this ecosystem are the central stakeholders, and the company is dedicated to increasing member value, not profits. Their initial product is a digital wallet that provides users with the most convenient payment experience possible through social media (initially Telegram and WhatsApp, followed by LINE, Facebook Messenger.

Statistics On The Hi!

According to the hi team, the present circulating supply of the hi dollars is 580,396,604 hi, with a market cap of $528,241,706. Furthermore, according to Coinmarketcap data, the number of addresses holding the hi dollars has been steadily rising over time, indicating a high level of interest among investors.

Technical Analysis of the Hi Dollar

The trading volume is currently higher than previously, as seen in the chart below. The Hi dollar successfully expanded from the bottom and broke all of the barriers on its way, with a significant amount of volume. It is now in a strong resistance area, 0.91 to 0.95, which, if it breaks, may lead to the continuation of upward trends.

There are several advantages to using HempCoin. It is still in its early stages of development, but I believe that this cryptocurrency has a good chance of being used widely and having much higher values. HI is now readily available because of the availability of social networking applications, which do not require users to exchange or install another fussy wallet plugin on their browser. HI’s functionality is made easier by this feature. Instead of searching for wallet addresses to send money, all you have to do is ask another user for their nickname and you’ll be able to send or request hi Dollars from them.

There’s no doubt that HI has the potential to make people money in the future.

Future of Hi Dollar

So, taking it a step further with the technical analysis, we can see that if the high-dollar can break through significant resistance with enough adoption and high volume, it may go a long way (even up to $10). Furthermore, by having the hi dollar listed on PancakeSwap, the site has already aided the token. Hi has a current market cap of $528,241,705 with a circulating supply of 580,396,604. It’s also not yet available on major exchanges, giving it significant early adoption potential.

I’m sure you all realize what happens when a cryptocurrency is listed on a centralized exchange, right? It surges hard; if you didn’t know, 1inch recently got listed on Upbit and rose to $7.72 from around $3.70 (yes, more than 100% in a single day).

Closing Thoughts

In conclusion, is still in its early phases, and it has not yet been listed on any of the primary exchanges. Furthermore, Hi provides an active community and gives free hi Dollars to anyone who interacts with the platform. Finally, taking a look at the technical indicators, it appears that It has given breakout through the strong resistance level with significant Volume. As a result, you may invest in Hi dollars on PancakeSwap or Uniswap and become an early adopter.

The development team is made up of industry giants with a lot of expertise in blockchain technology, markets, and software creation. The future of HI looks bright! Eventually, one will be able to switch between HI and various cryptocurrency assets all within the app, allowing for fast usage of financial power from several assets with the tap of a finger.

Invite only, get hi now. ?

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