Hexens Set to Expand its Cyber Security Service after Raising $4.2 million in Seed Funding

Hexens, a blockchain security company officially launched in 2021, has raised $4.2 million in seed funding to further expand its cyber security services. The fundraising was led by IOSG Ventures, a community-based and research-driven venture firm with portfolios in Layer 1 and 2 blockchain startups, DeFi, GameFi, and SocialFi. 

Aside from IOSG Ventures, over 5 notable investors also participated in the fundraising. The fact that about $2 billion has been lost to hackers in the crypto space in 2022 shows the importance of security in the industry. 

According to Sipan Vardanyan, the CEO of Hexens, “Blockchain is one of the fastest growing fields and, as many believe, the future of money. However, fast growth brings huge cyber security risks. As we see it now, the technology faces the risk of not achieving mass adoption if we do not appropriately address the rising cybercrime threats.”

An Overview of the Hexens Blockchain Security Company

Hexens was founded by two seasoned cybersecurity professionals, Sipan Vardanyan and Vahe Karapetyan, with over 10 years of experience in the cybersecurity business. The company comprises specialized and highly qualified auditing teams in different fields of information security. These teams undertake challenging and technically complex tasks like Infrastructure Audits, Novel Cryptography/Zero Knowledge Proofs, NFTs, DeFi, etc. 

In their press release, the CTO of Hexens, Vahe Karapetyan, revealed that a good number of the auditors and security engineers working at Hexens are well-grounded in cryptography, math, and computer science. 

Aside from security audits, Hexens also carry out investigations and proffer efficient and effective responses to security incidents. The winners of the Multiple-time OSINT competition make up the investigation department. They all have combined expertise in on-chain and off-chain analysis techniques to investigate sophisticated cyber crimes excellently. Over the past 9 months, Hexens’ investigations department has identified hackers and retrieved assets worth millions of USD, which were returned to their rightful owners. 

According to Grant, the Head of Investigations at Hexens, “No matter how sophisticated the software is that is being used for on-chain investigations, it is only half of the story. The other half comes to manual analysis of off-chain data. My team consists of OSINT specialists and ex-police detectives, and their experience permits us to achieve astonishing results.” 

Hexens Services 

Hexens offer a broad range of security services covered in four categories that, include the following:

  • Security Advisory Service 

Hexens help their clients have a wholesome understanding of their security risks and the most effective and efficient ways to mitigate them. The goal is to help develop and implement the right security strategy corresponding to the client’s business requirements.

  • Blockchain Security Service 

As blockchain technology continues to make waves and impact industries across the world, Hexens aims to provide top-quality audits and research to ensure the integrity of blockchain networks. 

  • Full-Scale Pentest

With this service, Hexens aims to cover the security risk of all domains. Cyber security threat is not only limited to high-risk targets, hence the reason Hexens provide full-scale security audit that helps ensure businesses and companies can face and respond to cyber threats. 

  • Cyber Investigations/OSINT

With its unique expertise, Hexens helps firms to investigate and unravel security breaches and any cyber incident. Hexens does not only help unravel these cyber incidents; they also help to ensure the firm or business establishment is fully protected for the future. 


Hexens is undoubtedly revolutionizing the concept of cyber security with its innovative solutions. Although cyber threats come in different forms and dimensions, an expansive and fluid approach like Hexens can be a potent solution in today’s world. For more information about Hexens and their project, you can check the official website or follow them on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.  

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