Here Are Five of the Best Crypto Tools for Investors of All Kinds

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to investing. As a result, all of the crypto tools available on the market are not easily accessible to users to assist in the management of their portfolios. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, fully aware of cryptocurrencies, or base your trading decisions on them; there is a great crypto tool out there for everyone. If you’re a diversified investor and want to check the value of cryptocurrencies and conventional stocks without switching between different apps, there’s a more comprehensive solution that you can use.

Coinbase: Investing Exchange and Tracker for Novices

Most likely, you’ve heard of Coinbase if you’re even somewhat interested in cryptocurrencies. In addition to offering a broad range of currencies for customers to invest in, Coinbase also offers its own wallet, a dashboard that shows the performance and balance of your portfolio, and even a crypto trading platform for more seasoned investors.

Because of its emphasis on delivering a very user-friendly interface, Coinbase is one of the most well-known crypto products and a frequent “starting point” for many investors. 

Coinbase offers an extensive knowledge base and an innovative learning program that allows users to earn cryptocurrency as they complete courses on new currencies, making cryptocurrency even simpler for novice investors.

Blockfolio: Crypto Investing Platform and Trend Tracker

In general, Blockfolio caters to cryptocurrency investors who are more experienced. Blockfolio, which also functions as an exchange and portfolio tracker, enables investors to buy and sell several types of cryptocurrencies.

Investing with Blockfolio provides investors with unique insights into portfolio characteristics, such as profit/loss patterns, cost basis calculations, and price candlestick charts. There is more to this than surface-level displays and statistics.

In addition to providing a comprehensive market overview and cryptocurrency news section, Blockfolio also makes it possible for crypto teams to provide investors with real-time information through its “Blockfolio Signal” tool.

Bitcode Method: A Platform for Novices and Experts Alike

A brand-new, fully-automated trading platform called Bitcode Method helps novice and experienced cryptocurrency traders navigate the difficult market. A cutting-edge algorithm and artificial intelligence were utilized in the creation of the Bitcode Method.

In essence, Bitcode Method does all your trading automatically, saving you time. Creating an account and making a small deposit is all it takes to start live trading. Users will receive a dedicated account manager once they sign up for the platform.

Using the latest technology, Bitcode Method finds lucrative opportunities for users with 85% success rate. The platform uses CySEC-licensed brokers to facilitate account transactions. Upon registering, a broker will contact the user to make sure the account runs smoothly. No formal trading experience or expertise is required for users to get started.

Accointing: Crypto Portfolio Management for DIY Investors

Every investor dislikes tax season, but cryptocurrency investors may find it especially challenging because they must track various assets throughout the season.

By providing investors with location-specific tax reports, Accointing makes it easier for them to file taxes when the time comes. This differs from other cryptocurrency tools that help investors manage their portfolios and keep track of the performance of different coins they are interested in.

Crypto Pro: Tracking and Trading Tool for Privacy-Conscious Investors

Crypto Pro is another cryptocurrency program that lets users exchange coins and manage their portfolios. This is a perfect match, especially for investors who care deeply about privacy protection.

Crypto Pro meets this requirement with its integrated TouchID and FaceID lock and the ability to encrypt and store user data locally on your phone or over the cloud. Moreover, the platform claims not to track user behavior, such as viewing preferences, portfolio size, and more, in order to prevent users from using or selling user data for advertising purposes.


Using these cryptocurrency trading tools, you will be able to discover fascinating crypto trading opportunities and learn more about how to stay in the crypto market for a long time. Additionally, these tools will allow you to expand your knowledge and develop your trading skills.


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