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Guardian Circle Stocks Up More than 5000 New Users Amid COVID Fears

Emergency cryptocurrency application Guardian Circle amasses 5150 new users in a single month amid the COVID-19 crisis.  

Crypto-based emergency app Guardian Circle has reported that its monthly downloads have triggered tremendously amid the coronavirus pandemic. As many as 5150 new users have signed up for the app in the month of March alone, which is almost a 2582% monthly growth. Guardian Circle had amassed just over 300 new users in the month of January. 

Mark Jeffrey, CEO of Guardian Circle Tweeted:

About Guardian Circle

According to the official website, Guardian Circle is a crypto-oriented emergency distress-call application that is equipped with features like panic buttons, crash detection, voice interfaces, and heart rate monitors, etc. It helps provide private security and medical response in emergency areas including geo-fenced service areas. The app is powered by its native token $GUARD, and users are incentivized using the same. 

Talking about the latest surge in downloads, Mark Jeffrey, co-founder and CEO of Guardian Circle commented that, before COVID-19, marketing had been a challenging aspect as it was difficult to acquire users by selling them the possibility of a future crisis.

However, post-COVID, the situation has taken a complete turn and users understand the importance of being prepared for distress at any point in time. 

About a third of Guardian Circle’s user base is located in the US, while others are distributed across India, Myanmar, Pakistan, Brazil, Egypt, and Iraq. 

In an exclusive interview with Cointelegraph, Mark acknowledged the economic crisis brought about by COVID-19. He said, “As our runway has always been based in crypto, our piles of Bitcoin and NEO have depleted in value with the COVID-19 crashes. I’ve been supplementing corporate expenses with my own personal money to cover costs. Bottom line? We have about six months left as we are right now, barring any new curve balls thrown at us.”

New Partnerships

Mark confirmed that he is looking at potential partnerships looking ahead, and is hoping to attract funding by creating products in collaboration. 

He stressed on the fact that COVID-19 will have a positive impact on crypto – with more people adopting Bitcoin as a store of value, along with other cryptocurrencies as a means to process faster payments. 


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