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Ground Breaking Partnership in DeFi: Cudos x MELD x Tingo Mobile

A partnership is a great way to scale up any business or organization. It entails combining the strengths of two or more corporate entities, thereby limiting their areas of shortcoming. In the general sense, higher capitals, more staff, exchange of technical knowledge, expansion of markets, limiting competition, etc., are factors that can quickly increase the profitability of partnered organizations. 

The partnership amongst DeFi platforms, though a relatively new concept, has proven to be of immense benefit to the crypto-space. Through partnerships, DeFi platforms have succeeded in combining features and mitigating the technical bottlenecks that may have impeded the smooth running of platforms on an individual basis.

The Team at Cudos recently announced a partnership with  MELD and Tingo Mobile. This strategic partnership is aimed at cooperating and supporting each other’s protocols to offer a complete decentralized financial service to customers.

MELD is set to build out a MELDapp wallet integration into the Cudos crypto mining infrastructure through a simple user interface available on mobile and web wallets. This is about harnessing the uniqueness of each of the platforms to give the user an all-around decentralized financial experience.

This partnership will ensure that crypto mining is fast, simple, and efficient for anyone with budgeting tools to deploy miners in the cloud.

Integrating into the MELDapp ecosystem and partner wallets, users can allocate crypto budgets to pay for cloud-based Cudos mining deployments. Additionally, MELDapp users can specify the parameters of the miners, such as the budget to spend on mining and mining at low costs compute times in the cloud.

MELD plans to pool resources with Cudos and Tingo to incorporate Cudos cloud mining capabilities to Tingo customers in the Tingo mobile device ecosystem, alongside MELD services.

The Collaborative Process

Cudos will deploy a functioning API that MELD can connect to, supporting the integration of the MELDapp. Cudos is to deliver technical documentation for integrating the Cudos network and API.

MELD will provide an interface into the Cudos network API from the MELDapp wallets, providing access to Cudos Cloud mining services for MELDapp users. Furthermore, MELD will be exposing its digital assets and payment functionality to the Cudos network to purchase cloud mining resources.

Tingo Mobile makes this integration accessible to its numerous customers.

More About Cudos

Cudos is a platform that incorporates NFTs, DeFi, and gaming experiences, creating a Metaverse and achieving the vision of a truly decentralized Web 3.0. It is an interoperable open platform launchpad that will build the infrastructure necessary to meet the 1000x higher computing needs to create fully immersive gamified digital realities. 

The Cudos native token’s (Cudos) utility includes:

  • Network governance and operations.
  • A staking mechanism for receiving blockchain and cloud workloads.
  • A medium of exchange (MoE).

Overview of MELD

With ‘Be Your Own Bank’ as its catchphrase, MELD wants to make it possible for everyone to gain control of their financial lives. It wants the average guy on the street to have equal access to financial instruments used by professionals. MELD seeks to provide financial freedom and control to the masses.

MELD’S long-term goal is creating an ecosystem that empowers individuals to regain financial control by providing them with the tools and services they need to manage their money on their terms is MELD’s vision. Be it creating a collateralized debt position (CDP) with cryptocurrency, earning an interest return for lending fiat to borrowers, or even participating in reward incentive programs, 

About Tingo

Tingo was launched with a mandate to support agriculture through technology. They help farmers process transactions daily through their digital agric-ecosystem program (electronic wallet, settlement, brokerage, escrow, mobile point of sale, mobile extension services, and marketplace services).


The partnership between Cudos, Meld, and Tingo Mobile will usher in a complete decentralized financial package. A user-friendly interface, reliable e-wallet, access to Cudos cloud mining with budgeting tools are all features that ensure a great user experience. With this partnership, global financial inclusion is undoubtedly possible.

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