GROM Ecosystem Announces Native GR and GRUSD Token Listings On HitBTC Crypto Exchange

GROM Ecosystem, a cryptocurrency investment ecosystem created in 2021 that includes staking and insurance of cryptoassets, has announced the listing of three native GROM tokens on the popular cryptocurrency exchange HitBTC.

GR, GRUSD: GROM Ecosystem Tokens Listed On HitBTC

GROM Ecosystem has announced the listing of three native GROM tokens on one of the world’s most recognizable crypto exchanges, HitBTC. The listings include GR, GRUSD.

A growing number of exclusive crypto products are already active within the GROM Ecosystem, including staking, crypto asset insurance, service of checks, and much more. GROM (GR) is the flagship coin of the entire ecosystem. GRUSD is the ecosystem’s stablecoins offering a wide range of benefits.

GROM Ecosystem Reveals Roadmap Milestones: Bank Cards, Smart Coins, And More

Future GROM Ecosystem roadmap milestones include the introduction of smart coins, coming in August 2022, enabling investors to gain exposure to a ready-made crypto portfolio managed by smart contracts.


By fall 2022, the insurance of crypto assets will be possible. In early 2023, the platform’s social trading experience will begin in beta. Additional roadmap milestones include a GROM token wallet with an integrated bank card, crypto asset lending, and a crypto-centric bank providing the highest possible level of customer service designed for the new digital reality.

The GROM Ecosystem was developed by a team of developers from Ukraine. Following the 2021 launch, GROM Ecosystem coins have already been integrated into the exclusive aircraft rental service Mirai.Flights.

True Story Of GROM Ecosystem Begins Now, Partnership Coming Soon

GROM Ecosystem will also reveal a strategic partnership with a large financial entity in the near future. However, well-known cryptocurrency trader and analyst Pavel Gromov says that “the true story of the GROM Ecosystem begins now.”

“Currently, it is difficult to imagine the scale of what we are building on the foundation of this ecosystem. But in twelve to fifteen months from now, services from GROM Ecosystem will become necessary for most participants in the crypto market,” Gromov added.

To stay up to date on important GROM Ecosystem updates, users can subscribe to the official Telegram channel of the service. Additional information on GROM Ecosystem coins is available at the official website.


About GROM Ecosystem

GROM Ecosystem is a complete cryptocurrency solution. GR tokens and GRUSD, allow users to move value and access ecosystem products and services. The project is led by industry veteran since 2016, Pavel Gromov, and a team of development professionals with over 12 years of combined experience on software development and blockchain technology.

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