Goals Reached: Ultron Foundation’s Successful Debut at the Future Blockchain Summit 2022

The Future of Blockchain Summit, the biggest conference of tech innovators, specifically for blockchain systems, has debuted Ultron Foundation in Dubai from October 10-13, 2022. 

A successful first public appearance of the Ultron Team, led by CEO Shukhrat Shadibekov and CTO Alex Topa,l piqued the interests of crypto enthusiasts, experts, and fellow exhibitors. Thousands of visitors at the summit wandered around to network, learn, and find opportunities in the ever-evolving  tech industry.

The Future of Blockchain Summit, now in its 5th year, is revered as the most successful gathering of the top crypto players, innovators, and promising startups in the world. It is known to be the best place to showcase solutions or pitch a product for collaboration. True enough, during the summit, Ultron Foundation’s blockchain system has had hundreds of summit goers queued at the booth to have a quick moment with the executives.

Ultron’s CTO, Alex Topal and Ultron’s CEO Shukhrat Shadibekov during the Future Blockchain Summit 2022


The Ultronverse Booth with its bold statement “The fastest-growing Layer-1 in the world” and the robust ecosystem displayed at the booth raised many questions from the crowd. The Ultron team gracefully answered all the questions leaving the crowd in awe. 

We took the leap four months ago. And together with our team of developers headed by Alex U. Topal, Ph.D., Ultron Foundation’s Layer-1 blockchain system has proven to be the fastest growing layer-1 in the world. It was an amazing feeling to join this summit, where we were able to answer questions and meet our early supporters.” – Shukhrat Shadibekov, CEO of Ultron Foundation

Ultron prides the milestones they have achieved in a short period of time. The project was able to generate more than 45,000 unique wallets, at least 1.5M transactions, 1.2M blocks, and more than $200M liquidity. The bold statement figured bold numbers.

 Among the exhibitors were some of the biggest names in the blockchain industry, such as Binance, OKX, and KuCoin. Some summit goers were NFT and Metaverse developers looking for partnerships to benefit both companies and bring more diverse solutions to the people. Ultron Foundation’s concept of one network, one currency, all defi features, and the exponential growth in the last four months attracted developers and investors for a possible collaboration.

“The level of appreciation just made me smile. It was a good feeling to talk to people and see how amazed they were at what we are building. I am humbled by this event. Experts and dreamers coming in together and sharing their insights and solutions with one another is a comfort for me. It was a tap on the shoulder – you are on the right track.” – Alex Topal, CTO of Ultron

Something BIG is coming into the Ultronverse

The Ultronverse is a multi-universe of the Ultron Foundation blockchain system. It will showcase Ivana Tattoo Art NFT in a couple of weeks. The NFT project drew much attention at the summit, because of the partnership between Ultron Foundation and the world-renowned celebrity tattoo artist Ivana Belakova aka Ivana Tattoo Art. 

After meeting its executives, Ivana entrusted Ultron Foundation to digitize and launch her masterpieces to the public. The professionalism, strategy, and utility presented to her by the company sealed the NFT project.

There is so much more in this digital asset. Aside from the fact that these works of art are emotions captured in colors by Ivana Tattoo Art, it is also the key to curated lifestyle events around the world, and a ticket for an exclusive merchandise from the artist.

More details will be announced soon. Stay tuned!

The Ultronauts

Under the leadership of Ultron’s Chief Marketing Officer, Jacob Kappus, the marketing team launched the first edition of the company magazine called “THE ULTRONAUT” at the Future Blockchain Summit. 


First edition of The Ultronaut magazine
Ultron’s CMO, Jacob Kappus at the Ultronverse Booth








“We are grateful for the community’s support, and we try our best to make them feel our gratitude by bridging the company and the community through this publication. So, aside from our devs working hard to make our system secure, fast, and reliable…. We also want the community to get to know our projects and the internal team to get to know the Ultronauts.” -Jacob Kappus, CMO of Ultron Foundation

The magazine is dedicated to the Ultron Foundation supporters aka the Ultronauts, where they can read a compilation of company updates, such as stories about our devs, achievements, plans, ongoing projects, and the buzz from the community.

To read the first issue of the magazine, click here.

See you at the next summit!

In conclusion, the Future Blockchain Summit paved the way for Ultron Foundation to land alongside other blockchain systems and raise their flag up high. It opened a discussion for a promising technology giving users ease and all the deFi features in one network. The company has left a big mark in the industry that will help them blaze onto their next journey.

“We sat down with the developers from other projects for a possible collaboration. We learned a lot from the companies who joined the summit. Above all, we are overjoyed with the appreciation and support from the Ultronauts. Thank you!“ – Shukhrat Shadibekov, CEO of Ultron

The team values learning, innovation, and reach. They aim to empower the ecosystem to strengthen its utility in the community. Conferences like this help the Ultron Foundation touch base with the trend, create strategic partnerships and reach out to more Ultronauts.

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