Global CTB Review: Features Of This Broker That You Should Know About Before Signing Up

Finding the right broker is a difficult task especially if you are new to the online trading business. You may find it confusing to choose from the various brokers that you find online because most of them appear to provide the same services. However, if you look closely you will find that brokers differ from each other in terms of many factors.

As a new trader, you might not be able to decide which broker is the better option. So, I have decided to share my experience with various brokers to guide new traders towards good brokers. Now, when I say good brokers, I say it depends on my experience with them. Your experience with the broker might not be like what I had, and that is because all traders have different standards. So, your decision to sign up with a broker should align with what you expect from the services that the broker provides.

The broker that I want to talk about today is a special one and that’s why I am writing this Global CTB review for you today. This broker meets the requirements of new traders and experienced traders because of the services it provides. So, let’s take a look at some features of this broker.

Global CTB Features for New Traders

· Ease of Registration

The signup process of a broker is where most of the brokers decide if the broker is worth signing up with or not. This is because they conclude that if the registration process is complicated then, the rest of their experience with the broker will also be complex. Therefore, brokerage firms must design a simple and straightforward registration process.

Global CTB offers a short and simple signup form that only takes a few minutes to fill. All you need to provide is your full name, date of birth, email address, country, phone number, and the currency that you want to trade with, fiat, or crypto. Lastly, you need to accept the terms and conditions and check the box that confirms your age to be above 18 years. The simplicity of this process keeps new traders from feeling intimidated by the interface of the broker.

· Security and Regulations

As you know, there is a plethora of brokers available online to choose from. Online trading comes with the downside of significant fraud risks so you must carefully consider the security the broker offers. You provide a lot of confidential information to the broker when you sign-up with them, and deposit significant amounts to the accounts.

This broker offers layered security for all your information and is fully regulated so you are in safe hands if you sign up with Global CTB. The broker has implemented the most advanced encryption system that encrypts all the information you provide it instantly. Furthermore, it is also compliant with the Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policies which ensure the authenticity of all users. The broker is regulated regularly to identify any loopholes in its system.

Taking their security measures to another level, Global CTB uses military-grade investment banks to store your funds and uses segregated accounts to protect your funds. This means that the broker does not have access to your funds, deposits, or profits. The security features of this broker make it a trustworthy choice for all traders.

· Unique Educational Materials

Many traders end up facing major losses when they enter the financial industry without any knowledge of the basics. To tackle this problem, many brokers provide educational materials to educate their customers about important trade terms.

Global CTB offers more than just information on the basics and provides you extensive materials to understand the financial market.  In addition to the usual e-books and articles, the broker provides you with various learning mediums such as video explanations, webinars, one-on-one training sessions, economic and ICO calendars, among others. While many brokers provide educational materials for traders, not many put the effort to provide such a vast range of materials.

While the broker offers a vast availability of educational materials, not all users have access to it. So, you have to be at least a silver account holder to access any educational materials.

· Impressive List of Trade Assets

You need exposure to different trading assets to build an impressive portfolio as a trader. You will notice that while some brokers do support various trading assets, most only support cryptocurrency or forex exchange. Global CTB is one of those brokers that supports an impressive list of trade assets. These include forex, cryptocurrency, metals, oils, bonds, and shares.

Exposure to various trading instruments is useful for new traders as it gives them the experience of trading with different assets. Professional traders can enjoy trading with the various assets with Global CTB.

· Payment Methods

Banking is an essential part of the financial industry. You have to make frequent deposits to invest in assets as well as withdraw the profits that you earn from trades. So, the broker needs to support multiple payment options to facilitate the traders.

One way to understand that there is no Global CTB scam going on is when you see that Global CTB supports many payment options like debit/credit cards, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, bank wire transfers, cryptos, and various exchanges and e-wallets. The broker does not charge any fees for deposits however, charges a small fee for bank wires. The minimum withdrawal value is $100.

The user-interface of the broker is designed such that the payment methods are completed within a few steps. You will have to provide multiple identity proofs as a part of the AML and KYC policies.

Final Thoughts

In addition to the features mentioned above, the quality of their customer support services is also worth mentioning. Global CTB provides full support to all its customers and is available to contact via email and phone calls.

I have talked about the features of Global CTB that I think you should know about before signing up with it. Now that you have got the gist of what it offers, you should visit the broker’s website yourself to try out its other features. You should closely monitor whether the services this broker offers are what you expect from it or not before making your decision.

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