Global Blockchain Job Portal, Blocktribe is promoting remote working opportunities in the blockchain and crypto industry

Blocktribe is leading the way to connect job-seekers and employers in the blockchain industry, as prominent companies in this space are advertising their hiring needs on this platform, amid the global pandemic.

Ever since the COVID pandemic has struck, the concept of remote working has triggered massively. People are looking for home-based jobs, and even established organizations are searching for talented freelancers in order to continue their operations.

With the exponential rise of blockchain technology, this sector has created a lot of job opportunities over the last few years. And with the existing global health scenario, where remote working is the new normal, the blockchain industry definitely has a lot to offer.

However, there is a substantial gap between employers and job-seekers, especially when it comes to the blockchain and crypto industry. There are not many platforms specifically focused on blockchain and crypto-related jobs, that have enough job-volume with high traffic and real advertisers. In fact, the only effective one I can think of is Blocktribe.

What is Blocktribe?

Blocktribe is one of the world’s largest blockchain job boards, which features more than 200 blockchain businesses, and hundreds of thousands of job-seekers. The platform was founded in 2016, and over the last three years, it has become one of the premier blockchain job portals.

The astronomical growth of this technology has created massive career opportunities, and Blocktribe is triggering that by bridging job-seekers and employers through a well-structured platform.

Blocktribe features job-posts from prominent names in the crypto space like Coinbase, Binary, Bitcoin, Bitfinex, Bitpay, Kraken, Poloniex, among others. Interestingly, in the wake of the current situation, it has added a separate section specifically aimed at remote job opportunities in the blockchain space. 

There is in fact no geographical limit to jobs found on the platform, as blockchain companies from across the world including California, the UK, Europe, Asia, and Hong Kong, advertise jobs on Blocktribe.

How does it work?

Blocktribe houses job opportunities across multiple verticals in the blockchain and crypto space including but not limited to – blockchain, DLT, Ethereum, Hyperledger, R3, cryptocurrency, etc.

It allows job-seekers to search for blockchain-oriented jobs, learn about companies that are hiring, and even apply to those by posting their CVs. On the other hand, Blocktribe also enables employers to look for relevant potential employees on the platform, according to their specific needs. So, it is enabling applicants to land their dream jobs, while helping organizations to hire the best talents available.

To put it simply, Blocktribe is a two-way communication system between job-seekers and employers, that is actually helping the blockchain industry to evolve while developing a quality work-force.

Summing Up

Remote working is expected to be the new trend, especially with the growing impact of the existing pandemic. However, it can be safely concluded that blockchain technology, due to its inherent decentralized and autonomous nature will continue to create immense career opportunities. In this scenario, Blocktribe is one of the most well-equipped platforms, with a dedicated ‘remote jobs section’, to connect talented job aspirants with the leading blockchain companies across the world.

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