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Former SEC Chairman Clayton Highlights Stablecoin Support Amid Crypto Regulatory Debate

Former SEC Chairman Clayton Highlights Stablecoin Support Amid Crypto Regulatory Debate

Former SEC Chairman Jay Clayton took the stage at a recent Bloomberg event with Pantera Capital’s CEO Dan Morehead. In his remarks, Clayton did not shy away from candidly discussing the current SEC Chairman Gary Gensler’s stringent stance on cryptocurrencies. He underscored his backing not for Gensler per se, but rather for the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and existing laws.

Favorable Outlook on Fiat-Based Stablecoins

Clayton’s comments took an interesting turn when he voiced his support for fiat-based stablecoins and the underlying technology: blockchain. This perspective reveals his moderate view on digital assets, a departure from the often polarized debates seen in this sector.

Silence on Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs)

Interestingly, Clayton refrained from showing any support for central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). This restraint isn’t surprising considering the SEC, under Clayton’s watch, initiated a lawsuit against Ripple in late 2020. Ripple is widely recognized as a leading CBDC technology infrastructure provider.

Clayton’s Current Role and Involvement with FTX

On a related note, Clayton holds a pivotal role as Senior Policy Advisor at Sullivan and Cromwell currently. This prominent law firm has been intimately engaged with FTX during its post-bankruptcy phase. On the other hand, Pantera Capital’s Morehead argues that the tightening control on US crypto exchanges could serve as a catalyst for more transparent and comprehensive cryptocurrency regulations.

Developments in Crypto Legislation

Most recently, a congressional hearing in the US caught public attention with discussions revolving around a proposed bill. This legislation could be instrumental in shaping the future of cryptocurrency regulations in the US. Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire disclosed during this hearing that a revised draft of the US stablecoin bill is now available for review.

A New Era for Crypto?

This exchange of views between influential figures in the world of crypto and regulation underscores the increasing dialogue on digital assets’ role in our financial landscape. As such, it is evident that the gears of change are moving for the cryptocurrency industry, potentially heralding a new era of clarified regulations and mainstream acceptance.



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