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Forget Struggling With Projectors! LG’s Is About To Launch Its New Cinebeam Laser Projector


Projectors are quite a useful technology and are highly endorsed by people who like to experience intricate cinematic moments on big screens. LG has been one of the pioneers in the projector gig with their Cinebeam project line-up.

LG is yet to unveil their second generation rendition of the Cinebeam 4K short throw projector at CES ’19. This unique piece of tech has received several accolades and has bagged the innovation awards of CES ’19. This projector will be able to render 4K image and project them on any flat surface. The newest addition to this tech is its voice recognition/activation technology that will also be running under LG’s AI threshold ThinQ. Users will be able to give voice commands to do simple tasks with this projector.

For instance, if you’d want it to turn off the movie, you’d just have to give the command to do so. If you feel like watching something else, then you can just command “play music video on YouTube” and the media shall be streamed thereafter.


The short throw technology enables it to project sharp and crisp images even at a distance of 2inches away from the wall. However, if you keep it away at a distance of 7 inches, then experts have cited that it can produce images as big as 120 inch without distorting its brightness or quality.

Experience The Innovation

It delivers 2500 ANSI lumens and a 4k HD ultra wide resolution. This creates a space for an immersive experience. Subsequently, viewers can achieve the ultimate cinematic goal by using this technology.

The projector’s color gamet also produces a higher degree of realism and vibrancy at wide angles. With the webOS inbuilt, you can easily stream movies or music through the popular streaming giants like Netflix, Hulu et al. It also offers a myriad of connection options ranging from Ethernet to HDMI ports.


The compactness of Cinebeam has enticed a demographic that fits into the aesthetic criteria that this technology has to offer. The cutting edge resources that it uses have bagged and won over hearts all across the world.

Bring It Home!

It’s infrastructure suits mobility and thus can be moved from one place to another. This can be done  without having to worry about cable management. This is a pretty good catch for people who wish to invest in, a technology such as this. But with such pretty features, we can expect a price that fits its uniqueness. The first generation models went by the price tag of $2999.

There can be manifold uses for this technology and the investment can be quite worthy. It is advisable that you start saving up for the latest addition to the CineBeam projector family. LG is planning to follow a similar schedule like it did last year. Consumers are  are likely to get your hands on this projector by the summer of 2019.  But for now, you can thrive on the speculations that surround this device.

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