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Flipkart Launches a New Virtual Shopping Experience Called Flipverse

Flipkart Launches a New Virtual Shopping Experience Called Flipverse

During its Diwali sale, Flipkart will launch a special virtual shopping experience called “Flipverse.” Beginning Monday, October 17, the Android app will be live with the pilot experience. In a virtual, 3D environment, users can engage with certain businesses through a “metaverse” experience. 

Flipkart is partnering with eDAO, an eDAO-incubated company creating and releasing works of global art, as well as GuardianLink, which releases celeb- and brand-driven NFTs . Flipkart’s Android app will include “Flipverse” in its FireDrops section.

Indian e-commerce giant Flipkart launches metaverse shopping experience |  TechCrunch

Flipverse will continue to have an impact on cutting-edge industries such as e-commerce as numerous brands in India adopt metaverse and web3 platforms, and it will enhance the customer experience while providing a gamified and immersive shopping experience, says Naren Ravula, Flipkart Labs VP and Head of Product Strategy and Deployment.

What is Flipverse?

Regardless of the specifications of the phone, “Flipverse” will run on it, according to the company. Since the virtual 3D experience is generated and streamed over the cloud, it will not cause the device to heat up.

In this virtual world, 3D is supported and the realism is excellent. According to Sai Krishna VK, Chief Innovation Architect at Flipkart Labs, “eDAO allows for high fidelity streaming via the app, regardless of the kind of phone.”

About 15 brands are working with Flipkart on the “Flipverse” experience. There are a lot of companies that will be participating this season, including Talkies, Noise, Ajmal Perfumes,  Nivea, Lavie, Himalaya, Tokyo, Campus, Puma, VIP, and Butterfly India, among others.

Flipkart says “Flipverse” is designed to provide consumers with an immersive 3D shopping experience and gauge consumer reactions. It is not yet certain whether Flipverse will become a permanent feature of the app.

The interaction takes place on the Polygon blockchain. This wallet cannot be linked to any other cryptocurrency wallet at this time. Flipkart’s primary goal with “Flipverse” appears to be to measure consumer interest in this new “gamified” experience.


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