Five Great NFT Games

Considering that the very first one appeared back in 2014 and it’s only in the last couple of years that the phenomenon has caught the public imagination, NFTs have come a long way, fast.

So, it was only a matter of time until games developers started to see the potential in including these digital assets into their games. In actual fact, the first NFT game was created in 2015. Called Etheria it was a simple hexagonal building-block game whose tokens are increasingly sought-after today.

The NFT games now emerging are considerably more sophisticated than this but follow the same basic principles. Within them, NFTs can take the form of avatars or game elements that can be bought or earned as you play. Increasingly, a “pay for play” mechanic is also being used and is gaining popularity.

Seemingly each week sees more and more NFT games popping up and many are well-established already, including these five great examples. 

Axie Infinity

There’s more than a hint of the Pokémon franchise to this game, so fans of that huge success should love Axie Infinity too. Axies’ are digital pets that need to be nurtured and bred to take on other players.

The game starts with the purchase of three Axies’ that you then have to use to breed others. Genetic traits are passed on from generation to generation with the aim of creating the ultimate battling creature. The ones that you produce are tradeable NFTs in Ethereum marketplaces and you can also earn game tokens for each PvP battle that you win.

It’s estimated that every day 2.8 million people play the game and it’s proving to be especially popular in the Philippines. 

The Sandbox 3D

As the name suggests, here’s a game that is as much about creating as it is about playing. It’s designed to appeal to fans of games like Minecraft and Roblox in that it involves building assets and objects that can then be sold and bought using game-specific tokens called SAND. 

Other players can then use these NFTs as elements in the games that they create. In addition, there is an area of digital real estate that can also be acquired and used as a space on which to build games and store assets. This can be bought and sold using different LAND tokens and it’s these that have proved to be the most valuable and most sought-after by players of the game.

Sorare – Fantasy Football

Soccer trading cards are by no means a new phenomenon. But the fact that they survive over a century since the first ones appeared and have moved into the digital age is a clue to their popularity.

Sorare is a clever combination of both trading cards and fantasy soccer that works in a very simple way. Players amass the cards which are categorized in four different ways, common, rare, super-rare and unique.

From the cards that they collect or buy, players have to create a five-person team which then achieves a score according to how well the footballers have performed each week. The skill comes in gathering the best possible line-up and creating winning teams whose success can then be converted into Ethereum cryptocurrency.

The Walking Dead: Empires

The post-apocalyptic world of the hit AMC-TV series makes the perfect backdrop for this MMO game developed by Ember Entertainment. You have to collaborate with other players to survive in the hostile environment and to build your own mini-community within it. It includes PvE and PvP conflict against the walking dead and even against your fellow survivors.

The real rewards come when you start to own real estate in the virtual world as when action takes place on it you start to earn. It also means that you can invite other survivors to settle on your land in exchange for rent as well as assistance if you ever find yourself needing to protect it from outsiders.


Let’s finish with a rather more peaceful option that will take you to the game’s so-called “petaverse”. It’s a must for dog lovers who want to nurture and improve their pet to become truly “best in show”. 

Working with no less than 300 different Dogami breeds from dachshunds to Great Danes, steadily improving your pet will earn DOGA tokens that can be used to buy smart coats for your hound and even investing in new pooches. The dogs come in four different levels of rarity, bronze, silver, gold and diamond with the prices rising accordingly.

These are just a snapshot of the increasingly large number of NFT games available. Over the next few months we can expect to see many more emerging which will, in all likelihood, also include virtual and augmented reality.

It’s all just one more step towards the metaverse also becoming reality.

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