First Wyoming DAO LLC, BLOCKS Is Set to Roll Out Its Services 

Built on the concept of decentralization, Bitcoin opened up a ton of opportunities for developers to create and subsequently launch projects and trends; decentralized autonomous organizations [DAO] are one of such trends. As the name implies, a community-led organization with no central authority, DAO is an autonomous and transparent system with a single goal to automate almost all administrative and managerial functions. 

DAOs aim to facilitate consensus human interaction by fostering community ownership. This will enable streamlined ownership of organizations and, in turn, lead to faster decision-making, a missing component of most traditional institutions. In addition, DAOs hope to eliminate all forms of human error or manipulation by integrating token holders as critical members of the decision-making committee. 

While a ton of these DAO-powered projects have been designed, BLOCKS is utilizing this technology to dispel the reliance on traditional financial institutions, in the same vein mitigating risks and fraud. 

The First Wyoming LLC DAO—BLOCKS 

Dubbed the first Wyoming LLC DAO, BLOCKS plans to roll out a host of services worldwide powered by the already released BLOCKS Builder Modules. Led by a team of forward-driven, innovative, and experienced individuals, BLOCKS has specialized in creating decentralized solutions and automation for enterprise organizations, efficiently facilitating the onboarding process.  In fact, they are already gaining traction working with the US Air Force and publicly traded company HUMBL among others. 

Although experiencing a massive rise in interest, the DAO space is riddled with a plethora of entry barriers, some of which have discouraged several protocols and companies from adopting this efficient organizational model. Recognizing the need to dispel these barriers to entry and the role in the proliferation of the space, BLOCKS is working to allay these obstacles, presenting companies with an opportunity to run genuinely decentralized and democratic organizations. 

Identifying regulatory compliance as one of the major barriers to entry, BLOCKS will, as one of the first few projects to be built on the newfangled blockchain-based law, leverage past experiences and connections to help these protocols find a way around the numerous complexities surrounding the incumbent law. Besides this, a team of talented and innovative individuals has been set up to cater to the specific needs of users, 

In an attempt to prioritize users, BLOCKS has designed a mobile application—offering customers, regardless of location, unlimited access to its services. 

Laying the Foundation for a Progressive Segue into the World of DAO 

A beacon of hope for the future as described by the development team, BLOCKS will lay the foundation for a progressive and streamlined segue into the world of DAO as a model of accountability, compliance, and democracy. Furthermore, this Wyoming DAO LLC will pave the way for the greater adoption of DAO and through the launch of its native token, it will seek to become a unit of measure for the blockchain. 

As core advantages of DAO, BLOCKS will guarantee inclusivity and transparency. Eliminating the need to know and in a traditional sense lobby decision-makers, DAO will afford everyone who holds the stipulated amount of tokens an opportunity to have a say on how the project is run, therefore promoting inclusivity. Additionally, users will, from the get-go, have all necessary information about operations, ensuring that proposals and tasks adopted have been run through community members before execution. From the operating agreement to the development modules, all the information on BLOCKS can easily be accessed on their website, gitbook, and in their discord channel

Already charging ahead with a series of partnerships with companies in and out of the blockchain space, BLOCKS is committed to onboarding companies from all other industries into the world of blockchain technology. With these partnerships, top-notch blockchain solutions for companies, and a suite of remarkable features, BLOCKS will drive attention and adoption towards DAO while also propelling additional utility to the BLOCKS token. 

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