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FingeRate App by BTour Chain was launched as the second product of GG56 LTD

BTour Chain, a fourth industrial revolution technology-based start-up project of the global tourism-donation company GG56 limited, has launched an app for customer satisfaction review. The application is called FingeRate which simply indicates that anyone can rate anything with the tip of their finger.
The app will improve and ease the overall rating experience of tourists and consumers. BTour Chain has developed five different characters from five hand signals which can be used to review any places the users have visited. Merchants can register themselves as BTour’s affiliated members and accept BTM (BTour Mileage) 

This app is the online version of its previously launched on-spot satisfaction survey system called Satisfaction of everything (SoeT), which is equipped with a face- recognition camera, that can be placed and used in a wide range of places, from tourist attractions to convenient stores and public service centers. Tourists or visitors can simply raise their hands, show a number from one to five with their fingers to the SoeT camera, and walk by. This survey data is then stored and analyzed and used as Big Data for customized marketing. With the newly launched FingeRate app, the offline data of SoeT can be viewed in real-time relay. 

The app was initially launched in Korean language for android users but it will soon be available in different languages both for android and apple users. The app can also be used for donation in organizations like UNESCO, Save The Children etc. The users can also get mileages by downloading, reviewing and registering places in the app. 

GG56 Ltd. (Global Good 5 Ocean 6 Continents), is a Hong Kong-based global tourism company that aims to provide information and access to the tourism market by using smart devices and 4th industrial revolution technologies. It has offices in Spain, UAE, China, Korea, and Hong Kong. It is also planning to open another branch office in Thailand by the end of 2020 in partnership with SEATEC group, a leading engineering consulting firm which has completed more than 1,000 projects both in Thailand and abroad. 

The successful launching of the SoeT and FingeRate would have been impossible without the strong support and advices from the GG56’s International Advisory Board (IAB). The IAB includes fifteen distinguished personalities with impressive background in various areas, from technology to politics. One of the latest persons to join the GG56’s IAB is Sir David Wright, who has a vast experience in diplomatic service. He has served as the British Ambassador in Korea and in Japan. Currently, he is a Global Advisor at Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation and Non-Executive Director of Rezolve. 

Company Name: GG56 Ltd.
Media Contact: Tabassum
Email: [email protected]

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